Jensen Ackles Celebrates Supernatural Anniversary With A Suprise For Fans

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Supernatural's finale, Jensen Ackles is sharing a video with his devoted fans.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Supernatural ran for 15 seasons. The show starring the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam aired its final episode, Carry On, in November 2020. To celebrate the one-year anniversary, the show’s stars have traveled to New Orleans for a fan convention. While Jensen Ackles traveled there, a song well-known to fans of the show came on the radio. Danneel Ackles (his wife, former co-star, and co-producer) recorded a video of him singing the song that became so important to fans over its 15-year run.

You can see Jensen Ackles in the video below.

Over the weekend, fans have posted multiple videos of Jensen Ackles from the current fan conventions and past ones. Fans had big reactions to the above video from the star they have watched play Dean Winchester for so long singing the famous Kansas song, “Carry On My Wayward Son”. Not only was the song the title inspiration for the show’s finale episode, but it was also used at the beginning of episodes of the show. Episodes of Supernatural began with the words, “The road so far” appearing on the screen. The song would then play while showing clips from previous episodes so that fans were caught up. For Supernatural fans, the song is often called their fandom anthem.

Fan reactions to Jensen Ackles singing the song have been full of emotion.

Supernatural fans have also been using the weekend to discuss the series. They are sharing videos of Jensen Ackles discussing the finale, letting go of the series, and what Supernatural meant to him. They’re also discussing their own feelings about the end for the Winchester brothers.

The ending of Supernatural has always been controversial for fans. The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, wrote his own finale at the end of season five. While he left the series, it went on for another ten years. During that time, fans would often debate whether the season five ending was a fitting finale. It was certainly bittersweet. Then, when the show did end, the fates of the brothers were flipped, leaving many upset about Dean Winchester’s end. During the 2021 fan convention, Jensen Ackles shared that while filming the finale, he pictured Dean’s end in a specific way to get through the episode. This confirmed for fans that he, too, was unhappy with the ending for his character.

Clearly, Supernatural had an exceptionally long run. There aren’t many fictional TV series that run for so long. Exceptions, like Law & Order, are shows with single episodes that an audience can pick up at will. Supernatural needs to be watched in order to be understood, making its success stand out even more. Despite its long run, fans are still looking for more. Recently, the CEO of The CW shared that he would be happy for “the boys” (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) to return for more Supernatural. Considering the show’s ending, that would seem to be impossible, but it is true that the show has handled inconvenient story wrinkles before.

As for spinoff opportunities, Jensen Ackles and Daneel Ackles are currently working on a prequel series. The Winchesters will focus on Sam and Dean’s parents. Jensen Ackles is set to narrate the series, while the pair are signed on as producers. Meanwhile, fans of the actor can catch him on the upcoming third season of The Boys.