See Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy In The Boys Season 3

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

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Ever since it was announced that Jensen Ackles would be in The Boys Season 3, we’ve waited to see him take on Soldier Boy’s costume. The character is well-known in the comics. He’s often summarized as being a Captain America parody. In a series known for characters with foul-mouths, Soldier Boy doesn’t swear. He’s patriotic. When he needs to summon some spirit in a fight, he yells out state names. As if the names of the states will fuel his patriotism and help him take down the enemies. The character is a far cry from Jensen Ackles’ previous role as Dean Winchester on Supernatural. How will Ackles look in the role? We now have a behind-the-scenes look at how the Amazon production is handling Soldier Boy’s costume. Take a peek at the Instagram photo below.

The photo shows Jensen Ackles’ stand-in wearing Soldier Boy’s costume. Filming is getting started on the set for season three, but Ackles and most of the rest of the cast are still waiting out their two-week quarantine before they can begin filming in Toronto. Fans of The Boys will notice that this is the red carpet for the Dawn of the Seven world premiere featured in Season 2 of the show. This shows Soldier Boy attending the premiere in a costume slightly changed from the comics. While the coloring is similar, the tracksuit has longer sleeves and full pant legs. The short sleeves and pants in the comics added to the goofiness of Soldier Boy. We’ll have to wait to see what they do for the character’s shield.

While we wait for a closeup look at Jensen Ackles in costume as Soldier Boy, fans have created art with their own ideas of what we can expect to see. There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding Season 3 of The Boys. The introduction of Soldier Boy is a big part of this. Fans are excited to see Jensen Ackles take on a fresh roll after fifteen seasons on Supernatural. There is also a lot of talk around Soldier Boy’s part in the upcoming season. Because Soldier Boy is often referenced as a Captain America parody, there is an assumption that his character is just a “good guy.” However, this is The Boys. The team behind the show has assured audiences that Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy will be as complicated and dark as any of the characters on the show. 

There is also the added anticipation of so many creatives from Supernatural working together again. Eric Kripke was the creator of Supernatural and the showrunner for the first five seasons. He is now the creator of The Boys. Kripke will be joined for Season 3 of The Boys by Jensen Ackles as well as writers and producers who worked on Supernatural. Moreover, there is talk of Jeffrey Dean Morgan taking a part on the show at some point. Morgan is now well-known as Negan on The Walking Dead, but he originally played the father on Supernatural. Eric Kripke offered Morgan a part on The Boys on Twitter prior to 2020. Morgan was enthusiastic about the part. However, fans have been cautioned that this may not happen due to the pandemic, which has complicated filming on many projects. 

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We don’t yet know when Season 3 of The Boys will reach Amazon for audiences. However, filming is beginning. If the pandemic doesn’t cause delays in production, they hope to be done filming later this spring. Hopefully, that means we’ll get a closer peek at Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy very soon.

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