Jared Leto’s Tron To Be A Trilogy

By Doug Norrie | 5 months ago

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Jared Leto can method-act with the best of them. That being said, carrying his own franchise, or even starring in big-budget hits, hasn’t always been in the cards for the actor. But now Disney appears to be going all-in on making Jared Leto into a sci-fi, big-budget star. After initially bringing him on to star in their upcoming Tron: Ares, (or Tron 3) apparently there has been word they don’t want to stop with just one movie. Rumors have it plans are in the works to make the Tron reboot into a trilogy with Leto in all three movies. 

A Tron trilogy with Jared Leto would mean a longer leash and more developed storyline than we’ve seen in previous iterations of Tron. The first Tron came out in 1982 and, while a cult classic that was ahead of its time visually, it didn’t gain enough traction to warrant a turnaround sequel. That wouldn’t come for about 30 years with Tron: Legacy. And that one, much like its predecessor was a one and done. Planning out a series of Tron movies with Jared Leto in the lead would be showing quite a bit of confidence with a franchise that hasn’t exactly fired on all cylinders in the past. 

Over the summer, it was reported Jared Leto was coming on board for Tron 3 starring as Ares, a character in the resistance who’s been mentioned as an Easter egg before. And for this role, it appears Leto will come on as more a fighter type. He’s already begun transforming his body to fit the role, packing on a ton of muscle in posted pics referring to his “Tron workout”.

Besides plans for a planned trilogy in the rebooted franchise, we do know some more about Tron: Ares besides just Jared Leto’s involvement. Garth Davis is set to direct. He first made a splash with 2017’s Lion, the remarkable story about finding family against all odds which earned him a Best Picture nomination from the Academy. And the script is in the hands of Jesse Wigutow who is also penning a reboot of The Crow. 

How Jared Leto handles a lead in a franchise remains to be seen. We might even learn quite a bit from his upcoming role in Morbius in which he plays a doctor turned vampiric antihero. Originally planned for a summer release, it was pushed back to March 19, 2021 because of pandemic-related theater closings. There’s some chance we see Leto headlining multiple franchises in both the comic book and sci-fi worlds concurrently.

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And beyond that, Jared Leto is still set to reprise his role as Joker in the DC universe. He’s set to cameo in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and possibly in a new Batman series, both coming to HBOMax. This guy has come a long way since starting out as the brooding and troubled Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life. He’s budding into a legit action star and we know he has the acting chops to pull it off. With a possible Tron trilogy, he could be in the sci-fi space for years to come.

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