Henry Cavill Cuts Ties With WB And DC, He’s Blamed For Ruining Superman’s Future

It looks like Henry Cavill has cut ties with DC and Warner Bros though there are those who are blaming the actor for the break from Superman

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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There’s been much speculation and a lot of radio silence from both the actor and the studio, but we might finally know about the fate of Henry Cavill as Superman in the DC Extended Universe. It looks like we have a clear idea of how the two sides are feeling about each other. Though nothing is official, and social media trends (in terms of follows and unfollows) can only be trusted so much, it does look like Henry Cavill is moving on from both DC and Warner Bros. That’s according to insider Grace Randolph who commented on it on Twitter today and also laid the blame at Cavill’s feet.

In her multiple posts, Randolph comments on some general Superman-related news that we have coming down the pike from DC. We’ll get into that in a moment. But in the second part is where she focuses on Henry Cavill and his relationship with the studios. It’s here that she mentions the actor has unfollowed the Instagram accounts for both DC and Warner Bros. In an age of social media realism, when minor actions can be the signs of bigger issues, the cutting off of social media support can sometimes be the virtual breakup fans need to see to understand the underlying relationship. Here’s Randolph’s post:

This news by Grace Randolph does give something like the state of the union for the Superman franchise moving forward for the studios. She starts off by mentioning part of what we already know when it comes to the new direction. They are clearly, in one respect, moving on from Henry Cavill with this new iteration coming from JJ Abrams, writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, and a likely soon-to-be-announced director. This Superman has been rumored to be a black character, likely based on the Calvin Ellis character from the comic books. 

It’s the second part that is something like the Krypton nail in the Superman coffin for Henry Cavill. Whether he cut off his relationship with DC and Warner Bros on social media in conjunction with a cutting off in real life isn’t quite known. It’s rather conspicous timing for the move considering the state of flux he seems to be in with the DC Extended Universe. Though Randolph dishes out no sympathy here, reminding folks that Cavill wasn’t in support of the recent Snyder out of Justice League and had also not played ball in the past with a cameo in Shazam!. Remember, that scene was of Superman from the chest down. 

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And she didn’t mention it here, but how could one forget the Henry Cavill mustache controversy from the original Justice League when his leftover lip hair from filling Mission Impossible: Fallout threatened to compromise the very credibility of the Superman character during reshoots of the DC film. Cavill and the studios have been at odds for some time. 

Again, this is all anything but official. In the end, Randolph is simply reporting on social media trends rather than official news from anyone’s camps. But it’s also making sense from everything else we know about the studio’s plans for the character and Henry Cavill being rumored in all kinds of other parts these days. There’s likely a break coming and unfollowing on Instagram is just another domino.