Henry Cavill Reveals He’s Completed Filming Latest Movie In Inspirational Video

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

henry cavill

On May 13, 2021, Netflix announced that they would make a sequel for Enola Holmes. That was hardly a shock, since at the time, it was one of the ten most-watched movies ever to stream on the service. While they announced the sequel quickly, it was still assumed that it would be a while before the movie got underway. However, the streaming service was on it. Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill may be in high demand, but they apparently had an opening in their schedules, because Cavill has already finished his work on Enolas Holmes 2.

Henry Cavill announced the end of his time filming the sequel in an Instagram video. What did he do to celebrate the end of his journey? He went for a run. Also, he thinks you should, too, even if you’re dreading it as much as he was. You can see Henry Cavill announce the end of filming, and suggest everyone workout more, in the video below.

Henry Cavill plays Sherlock Holmes for Enola Holmes. He is the brother of Sam Claflin’s character, Mycroft Holmes. Cavill’s part was more minor in the first film, but there are rumors that he’ll be a more central character in the sequel. Millie Bobby Brown is also returning to star as Enola Holmes. The first film’s director, Harry Bradbeer, is also returning to helm the project. The first movie followed the plot of the first book in the series the movies are based on, The Enola Holmes Mysteries, and it’s expected that the sequels will follow suit. However, they may combine multiple books for part two. There are six novels in the series, so that’s highly possible.

The first movie left off fairly open-ended, so that it could be considered a conclusion but with plenty of room left to dream for what Enola Holmes may get up to next. Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin were looking for their sister. Millie Bobby Brown was living on her own in London, possibilities open in front of her. That makes it seem likely that the sequel will attempt to surprise audiences with something new, possibly with elements from multiple books. In the third book, Enola Holmes stays away from her brothers, who are looking for her, while she is looking for John Watson, who is missing. Bringing Watson strongly into the plot of the sequel could be a fun new element to make the sequel stand out.

Though Henry Cavill has completed his work on Enola Holmes 2, there has yet to be a release date announced. Netflix will often postpone letting audiences know when a movie will be available, even a popular sequel. However, it is expected that Enola Holmes 2 will launch in 2022. Netflix subscribers will have a chance to see new work from Henry Cavill much sooner than that though. The prolific actor has a new season of his Netflix series launching soon. The Witcher season 2 is set to release for streaming on December 17, 2021.