Harvey Weinstein Caught With Contraband In Jail

By Dan Lawrence | 3 months ago

harvey weinstein

If there is one person who should be avoiding breaking rules and legalities at present, it is disgraced former film producer Harvey Weinstein. Previously synonymous with being the name behind successful film hits such as Good Will Hunting and Shakespeare in Love, he is now shackled in much darker rhetoric. Now, as reported by Variety, Weinstein has been found guilty of being in the possession of contraband at the LA County Jail.

Harvey Weinstein is currently serving time in the LA correctional facility as he awaits the verdict on eleven charges of sexual assault — the cause for his sudden downturn, and the widely justified negative rhetoric surrounding his character. The accusations made against his reported abhorrent actions in part sparked the Me Too movement and led to him being sentenced to twenty-three years in prison in New York back in 2020. Weinstein and his attorneys are appealing the charges made against him, hence his holding in LA until the ruling on his appeal is conveyed in the next couple of months. In his incarceration in LA, it has come to light at Variety that the disgraced producer was found with contraband Milk Duds in his possession back in November, following a face to face meeting with his attorney.

Harvey Weinstein had pleaded innocence to the contraband being in his possession, reportedly claiming that he’d had them since his arrival in LA. However, LA County Guards threw this notion out and made clear that the item in their minds was given to Weinstein during his Attorney’s visit. On the matter, Weinstein had this to say: “This was an innocent misunderstanding,” he said. “It will not happen again. I have been a model inmate, following the rules and regulations and I am sincerely sorry.” This apology was also echoed by Weinstein’s attorneys, Mark Werksman and Alan Jackson, who had the following to say: “We have been informed about this and are very sorry it happened,” they said. “It had not happened before, and never happened since. Harvey has been a model inmate and intends to continue as such.”

harvey weinstein

A simple misunderstanding by a model inmate, and an issue that has never occurred and will never occur again. However, in the eyes of LA County jail guards, it very much did occur and was a breaking of prison rules. It has been suggested by LA County that the ability of Harvey Weinstein to have face to face meetings with attorneys could be revoked, should something like this happen again. As he awaits a verdict on his court appeal, any infringement on the way Weinstein can communicate with his attorneys would be the last thing that he needs. Not only that but his jail time is marred by a number of health issues, including diabetes and heart problems.

Regardless as to whether Harvey Weinstein was merely innocent of a misinterpretation of jail rules, or a misunderstanding as he so put it, the public opinion of him will likely remain unchanged. However, the court of public opinion may have well and truly set sail on Weinstein and he will likely care not, as a very real court ruling will likely be bearing on his mind. That ruling is on whether his appeal against a 23 years sentence is successful or not. While Weinstein waits to learn of his fate, he will be hoping he can stay out of trouble, and out of the media’s watchful gaze, for much of the near future.