William Shatner In A Serious Car Accident In Los Angeles

Beloved Star Trek actor, William Shatner, was involved in a serious car accident in the early hours of December 22.

By James Brizuela | Published

william shatner

Beloved Star Trek actor, William Shatner, was involved in a serious car accident in the early hours of December 22. Images from both Shatner’s vehicle and the car he collided with show some extensive damage, though reports state that neither of the parties involved was injured as a result of the collision. Both vehicles appeared to be undrivable after the wreck, one of which had been lodged onto the sidewalk. Shatner was shown to be driving a Mercedes SUV, while the other driver was in a smaller sedan. Both vehicles looked to be inoperable from the footage and pictures shared through news outlets.

Per a video that was obtained by TMZ, William Shatner is seen cleaning up debris from the accident while walking over to the other vehicle that was involved and speaking to the driver. The other driver is seen smiling and conversing with Shatner, so at least spirits were high after such a brutal-looking car wreck. It’s not every day you are involved in an accident with one of sci-fi’s most famous actors. Both vehicles sustained heavy damage and the video shows the other driver’s front left axle having been turned at an angle making that vehicle undrivable. Shatner’s car also had extensive damage to the front right driver’s side, with the bumper nearly torn off.

William Shatner is also shown speaking to a police officer on the scene, then returning to the other driver who was sitting on a nearby set of steps by the house in which their car had nearly run into. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and the car merely stopped on the sidewalk before causing massive property damage. The driver of the other car also is shown smiling again while still conversing with Shatner. The other party looks to be older in age and Shatner is 90 himself, so thankfully neither of them sustained any sort of lasting damage to their bodies. It has been reported that no incident report had been logged due to no injury, though both parties exchanged insurance information.

Having William Shatner be severely hurt or worse from a terrible car accident would have come at the worst time in his prestigious career. At the age of 90, Shatner finally committed to his long-standing Star Trek catchphrase to “boldly go where no man has gone before” by finally traveling into space. He also became the oldest person in history to be flown into space. Shatner was among the passengers of Jeff Bezos‘ Blue Origin spacecraft. Being a part of a sci-fi world that has spanned nearly six decades, and to finally achieve space travel, is likely the crown achievement of this actor’s career.

Thankfully nobody was hurt from this accident, and both William Shatner and the other driver involved can probably laugh off this occurrence. Although they are likely both shaken up about this incident. However, it is better to be able to walk away from an accident with only the vehicles involved being the things that sustained heavy damage. Thankfully Shatner can still live long and prosper.