Halle Berry’s Most Explosive Film Is #1 On Streaming

Halle Berry stars in Moonfall, which is in the top 10 on HBO Max this week.

By Sean Thiessen | Updated

Movie fans are over the moon for Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson. Per a report by FlixPatrol, director Roland Emmerich’s disaster epic Moonfall is topping the charts on HBO Max. The film follows an unlikely team of astronauts and a conspiracy theorist as they uncover the secret truth about the moon and set out on a mission to stop the celestial body’s collision course with Earth.

The film has the kind of over-the-top premise and enormous scale fans have come to expect from Roland Emmerich. The filmmaker is responsible for films like Independence Day, Godzilla (1998), The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012. In the director’s latest movie of mass destruction, Emmerich put the fate of the world in the hands of Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson.

Emmerich based the concept for the film on the Hollow Moon conspiracy theory and initially sold the idea to Universal. After rights to the property reverted back to Emmerich, he set out to produce the film independently. With a budget of approximately $140 million, Moonfall is one of the most expensive independent films ever made, joining another Halle Berry film, Cloud Atlas, on that list.

Moonfall was impacted financially by winter storms in the U.S. and COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in China, both of which closed large numbers of theaters at critical times during the movie’s release. The film amassed a $67.3 million box office total. Reception to the movie has been mixed; some say it is terrible, while others maintain that it is so terrible that it is awesome.

halle berry moonfall

Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson are joined by a cast that includes John Bradley, Charlie Plummer, Wenwen Yu, and Michael Peña. Roland Emmerich has expressed interest in doing even more insane sequels to Moonfall, which are dependent on the success of the first film. While the box office return for Moonfall does not seem to indicate a reason to continue, the movie could make up the difference with deals on streaming and VOD.

Halle Berry has been acting since the late 1980s, but she hit her hot streak in the 2000s. She electrified the world as Storm in the X-Men franchise, saved the world with James Bond in Die Another Day, and confused the world in Catwoman. In recent years, Berry has continued to act in films like John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, but she has also spent considerable time with her producer cap on.

Halle Berry produced and starred in the films Frankie & Alice, Kidnap, and Bruised, and will continue that trend with The Mothership and Mother Land. The Mothership is a sci-fi film from writer/director Matt Charman, the screenwriter behind Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. Expected this year, the film follows Berry on a search for her missing husband after she discovers an alien object buried beneath her rural farmhouse.

Less is known about Mother Land, which follows a family haunted by evil spirits. Halle Berry is the only star attached to the film so far. She will produce the film with Stranger Things producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen, along with first-time producer Holly Jeter.

Halle Berry was a Marvel staple for many years; she played the character of Storm in four X-Men films. With the swirl of character returns taking place thanks to Marvel Studios’ multiverse, Berry is rumored to reprise her mutant role alongside Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Deadpool 3. James Marsden’s Cyclops is also rumored to return.

Roland Emmerich is the king of disaster films. Time will tell if his lunar lunacy will continue the story of Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, and the fall of the moon.