Halle Berry Cast In Exciting New Film From Stranger Things Producers

By Britta DeVore | 8 seconds ago

halle berry

Halle Berry is back. The actress is gearing up to take on a role in a thriller, and our personal opinion? She’s going to absolutely crush it. Deadline reports that the Academy Award winning actress will star in an edge-of-your-seat flick titled Mother Land, a supernatural thriller that will see Berry as a protective mother. The film centers around Berry’s character and her two sons who have been face to face with pure evil, a spirit that’s haunted and taunted the family over the past few years. But, when one of the sons begins to question the truth behind the family’s tormentor, he accidentally begins to tear at the very bond that connects them, pushing them all down a dark path full of twists and turns. Judging by the plot, it sounds like the film will touch on a lot of family dynamics and trauma along the way which is bound to keep audiences guessing. 

Halle Berry isn’t the only huge name tied to Mother Land. Alexandra Aja, who terrified audiences with The Hills Have Eyes and Crawl, as well as brought us jumps and laughs with Piranha 3D, stands at the helm of the scare-fest. 21 Laps, the production company behind smash hits Stranger Things and Arrival, will be backing the horror flick, which means it’s in great hands. Meanwhile, Lionsgate will handle Mother Land’s sales, a ball they plan to get rolling at the approaching Cannes Film Festival. 

Known for her roles in high action thrillers along with heartfelt dramas, Halle Berry was made for this part. Most recently, she received critical acclaim for her sports drama Bruised, in which she both starred and directed. The film served as her breakout into the world of directing, something she’s commented on wanting to do more of. 

The perfect mixture of action and drama, the film saw Halle Berry as a down-on-her-luck MMA fighter named Jackie Justice whose life had taken a tragic turn. Not only had she lost her best years in the ring, but she missed out on the first 6 years of her son, Manny’s life. Everything begins to come to a head when Manny returns to Jackie’s home. Now, she must fight to become the mother she knows she can be while returning to the ring to prove that she isn’t washed up quite yet. 

Even more recently, Halle Berry wrapped filming on a Netflix film titled Mothership (there seems to be a running title theme on her new projects…). The sci-fi action feature centers on Sara Morse (Berry) and her children. It’s been one year since their husband and father went missing from the family’s rural farm and they’re still seeking answers. Those answers begin to come to light after Sara uncovers a bizarre, extraterrestrial object that’s been hidden under their home. With this new clue, she and her children embark on a harrowing journey to find their beloved husband and father and what lies beyond their knowledge. Joining Berry in Mothership will be Power’s Omari Hardwick, Molly Parker, Sydney Lemmon, and Rafael Silva. With two new projects on the way, we can’t wait to see what Halle Berry is cooking up next.

With Mother Land heading into production at some point next year, it may be a while until we get more information on her latest venture, but with someone who likes to stay as busy as Halle Berry, we expect to hear of her involvement in other projects and hopefully another directorial piece, just around the corner.