Gun Pulled During Weird Al Movie Theater Screening

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

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A screening of a “Weird Al” Yankovic film turned even weirder—if “weird” is even the word (it isn’t: horrifying will have to suffice). At Logan Theatre, a movie theater in Logan Square, Chicago, a man allegedly drew a gun after being told to pipe down by other patrons and theater staff. The assailant interrupted the screening of UHF, the 1989 comedy memorably starring the parody songwriter.

First A Loudmouth, Then A Gunman

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The incident occurred on Saturday evening and, thankfully, did not result in any injuries. 

According to witnesses at the scene, the man had been blabbing throughout the film despite repeated requests from both the filmgoers and theater workers to pipe down. The situation drastically escalated when the man abruptly rose from his seat and what sounded like a gun being cocked could be heard throughout the movie theater. 

Patrons dropped to the floor in fear moments after the assailant allegedly pulled out his gun and seconds before he hastily fled the premises. 

Unsurprisingly, the incident led to a significant police presence inundating the area. Around midnight, residents of the neighborhood witnessed a veritable deluge of police lights flooding Milwaukee Avenue.

A Disturbing Trend

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Neighbors took to social media to voice their concerns about the event, emphasizing the alarm and terror such occurrences engender in our public spaces. 

It’s no joke: in our era tragically marked by mass shootings, movie theaters, concert halls, and stadiums can be cause for concern. For most Americans, it’s hard not to head into public spaces like those without wondering: “What if…”

Logan’s Response

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The Logan Theatre’s general manager, Ariana Montanez, released a statement after the incident, noting that the Chicago PD had been contacted and were investigating. Montanez underscored the importance of the “safety and well-being of both our patrons and employees” at the theater.

The Investigation

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The police investigation is ongoing. As of Tuesday afternoon, Chicago Police had obtained crucial information: the suspect’s license plate number. However, no arrests have been made. The incident underscores the need for heightened awareness and preventive measures in large public venues like movie theaters. 


Weird Al” fans adore UHF, the late ’80s comedy directed by Jay Levey about George Newman (portrayed by Yankovic), a daydreamer who finds himself the manager of a low-budget UFH television station. 

Through his unconventional and hilarious programming, George transformed the failing station into a spectacular success, resulting in a ratings war with a rival network. Initially a box office failure, the film has gained a cult following. Fans relish its quirky humor, satirical on media, and—of course—Yankovic’s wholly original comedic style. 

A More Recent Weird Al Movie

Of course, Yankovic is a globally recognized cultural institution known for his catchy parodies of pop songs. A film based on his life, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, is currently available on streaming sites like Amazon. 

The Beloved Logan Theatre

Chicago residents know and love The Logan Theatre, a movie theater famed for its eclectic movie offerings and historic ambiance. They are doubtlessly saddened to see the area institution marred by the incident. It all functions as a sobering reminder of unforeseen perils that can arise in seemingly safe and enjoyable environments. 

Source: Block Club Chicago