Gina Carano May Actually Be Fired From The Mandalorian, Here’s the Plan

By Ross Bonaime | 5 months ago

gina carano mandalorian

Many fans have been calling for the firing of The Mandalorian’s Gina Carano over recent months, considering her controversial takes, likes, and retweets on Twitter. Recently, the actress who plays Cara Dune has made several anti-mask comments, as well as questioned the results of the recent presidential election. This is in addition to her past actions on the social media site that have come off as anti-Black Lives Matter, and mocking LGBTQ+ communities. With Carano showing no sign of stopping, Disney might be looking to get rid of the actress.

We Got This Covered is reporting that Disney might be looking to find a way to abandon Gina Carano. Gossip entertainment writer Daniel Richtman says, “I hear they are considering replacing her or killing her off next season.” While Carano’s Cara Dune is arguably the most prominent female character on The Mandalorian, she’s certainly not integral to the series. Replacing her would likely be controversial, but killing the character off would heighten the action stakes of the series, and make way to introduce another character to play a similar role.

Gina Carano Mandalorian

Considering Disney likes to see themselves as a company for all, and the outrage against Gina Carano remaining on The Mandalorian has been quite loud, it wouldn’t be a surprise if The Mandalorian did get rid of Carano. Disney did fire Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn for his own controversial tweets, even after Gunn apologized for his comments. There are also rumors that Johnny Depp conveniently won’t be a major part of Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Carano has shown no remorse, and the comments just keep coming. It seems even stranger that Disney is still remaining quiet on the issue.

There have even been rumors that Gina Carano’s Cara Dune might get her own Mandalorian spinoff, which her firing from the franchise would end all possibilities of that. There have also been rumors that Katee Sackhoff, who recently appeared on The Mandalorian as her Clone Wars character Bo-Katan would be a part of this spinoff as well. Maybe Disney could shift this spinoff to focus on Bo-Katan instead?

Gina Carano Mandalorian

With so many potential Star Wars series coming to Disney+ in the near future, we probably don’t need one led by Gina Carano as well. Already, Disney+ has the Cassian Andor series, focusing on Diego Luna’s Rogue One character,  as well as the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, which will bring back Ewan McGregor as the Jedi. Also in development is the female-focused Star Wars series from Russian Doll co-creator Leslye Headland. While it’s not clear what Headland’s series will be about it is entirely possible it might currently be planned to center around Carano’s Cara Dune.

With The Mandalorian Season 3 originally scheduled to start filming by the end of 2020, much of the next season must likely be already written and prepared for production. If Disney wants to go forward without Gina Carano, they’ll have to make that decision relatively soon to plan the upcoming season. The fact that Disney has been so quiet about Carano’s tweets does make one think that possibly the plans for her character were greater than just occasionally appearing on The Mandalorian. If it becomes clear that Carano’s involvement with The Mandalorian is causing fans to lose interest, then the company will very likely finally make a choice about what to do with Cara Dune. 

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