The Gina Carano Action Thriller On Free Streaming Is Her Best Movie

By TeeJay Small | Published

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These days, Gina Carano is better known for her controversies than for her acting career, but the star has a number of excellent performances in her catalog nonetheless. One such film, 2019’s Daughter of the Wolf is available to stream now on Freevee through Amazon Prime Video. The film has long been hailed as one of Carano’s best performances, rivaling her landmark role in Disney+’s The Mandalorian.

Daughter of the Wolf was directed by Saw V filmmaker David Hackl and stars Gina Carano alongside Final Destination‘s Brendan Fehr, Anton Gillis-Adelman, Stew McLean, Joshua Murdoch, Chad Riley, Brock Morgan, Glow‘s Sydelle Noel, and legendary Hollywood veteran Richard Dreyfuss.

Though many of the cast are relatively unknown, the smaller indie scope of the film allows each of their performances to shine through.

Gina Carano stars in Daughter of the Wolf streaming now on Freevee through Amazon Prime Video

Daughter of the Wolf follows Gina Carano’s Clair Hamilton, a military veteran whose life becomes turned upside down when her child is kidnapped. Fearing for her son’s life, she agrees to pay the kidnappers their demanded ransom, though she utilizes her keen military senses to remain armed and aware of the danger that surrounds her.

After being double-crossed at the rendezvous, Clair and the kidnappers engage in a shootout, leaving two of the kidnappers wounded.

Gina Carano then shares a tender moment with an obsidian black wolf, signaling a sign of her character’s endurance in the face of adversity. Clair then learns the true nature of the kidnapping plot, which has been carried out by a former disgruntled business partner of Clair’s father, portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss.

As Clair continues to get closer to the kidnapper’s headquarters, she begins to realize that a pack of wolves have taken up her cause, killing a number of armed guards as she arrives at the compound.

In Daughter of the Wolf, Gina Carano’s Clair Hamilton, is a military veteran whose life becomes turned upside down when her child is kidnapped

After confronting the kidnappers and engaging in another shootout, Gina Carano gets to put her action setpiece-acting front and center, speeding away from the compound in a high-speed snowmobile chase down the snowy mountainside.

She saves her son, kills the kidnappers, and earns the respect of the wolves who inhabit the ancient woods where the story all takes place. Clair comes to realize that her own generational trauma has shaped her into the person she has become, for better or worse.

Gina Carano excels in the role of a badass military commander, and provides an incredibly convincing performance of a tough-as-nails modern-day action hero.

Unfortunately, critics didn’t find a great deal of appreciation for Daughter of the Wolf, resulting in the film receiving an abysmal 22 percent certified rotten score from the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite the overall reception, some critics praised the film for its nuanced take on a female lead in an action context, expressing joy that the film’s strong female hero served as a well-fleshed-out complex character.

Gina Carano likely won’t be given the chance to lead a film of this scope in the near future due to a series of problematic comments made over the internet in recent years.

Carano was fired from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian back in February of 2021

Carano was fired from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian back in February of 2021 for making a series of offensive posts across social media likening the treatment of modern conservatives in the United States to the plight of Europe’s Jewish population during the Holocaust.

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Disney executives felt that these comments both trivialized the unspeakable cruelty of the Holocaust while platforming a number of problematic political extremists from fringe movements across the web. They fired Gina Carano after providing her with multiple warnings to cease using her harmful language.

In the years since, Carano has teamed with fringe political groups like The Daily Wire to produce a series of films such as Terror on the Prairie and My Son Hunter, which prominently feature a number of “canceled” actors in their lead roles. Unfortunately, due to the highly political nature of The Daily Wire, these films tend not to receive wide releases or positive reviews.

Many performers have bounced back from online controversies in Hollywood’s past, meaning it wouldn’t be impossible to see Gina Carano back on the big screen in a major studio event someday.

Of course, the more she embeds herself within the company of fringe political groups, the harder it will be for her team to make her appeal to average audiences again. Regardless, her best work, Daughter of the Wolf, is available to stream now on Freevee through Amazon Prime Video.