The New George Lopez Series Fate Has Been Decided

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

New comedy series Lopez Vs. Lopez continues the network’s hot streak this Fall, getting picked up for a full season order according to Deadline. Originally granted a partial season order of 13 episodes, an additional 9 were ordered from the network, making it a full 22-episode first season. George Lopez’s latest series is just the latest hit for the veteran comic, but this time, it’s a family affair on and off the set.

Lopez Vs. Lopez , just like the previous two George Lopez comedy series, is about the comic’s home life, though this time there’s a twist. George Lopez plays a working-class old-school man moving in with his Gen-Z daughter, played by his real-life daughter, Mayan Lopez. The estranged father and daughter attempt to reconnect with one another, though in true dysfunctional family sitcom style, it’s done with lots of comical misunderstandings.

The series debuted on November 4th, and was an immediate hit for NBC. The George Lopez series has brought in over 2 million viewers for each episode to date, with the show setting records on the Peacock streaming service. Lopez Vs. Lopez was the number one comedy debut on Peacock, bringing in, according to NBC, an additional 5 million viewers on average.

Lopez Vs. Lopez is the fourth sitcom for the Latino superstar, following The George Lopez show, which aired from 2002-2007 on ABC, Saint George, a one-season FX show in 2014, and Lopez, a TV Land original series from 2016-2017. Each of George Lopez’s series has been a hit among the Hispanic demographic, with his first sitcom becoming one of the largest syndicated shows in the world, and oddly, a staple of late night college dorm rooms. Since 2002, the hard-working comedian has seemed to always be involved in a project, for either the big screen or the small screen.

George and Mayan Lopez in Lopez Vs. Lopez.

If George Lopez does not have his own series airing, chances are he is guest-starring on someone else’s show. The comic has appeared on shows ranging from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Freddie Prinze Jr.’s short-lived show Freddie, Reno 911!, Shake It Up!, and even the animated Harley Quinn show as a cartoon version of himself. From 2009 to 2011, Lopez made history as the first Mexican-American to hsot a late night talk show, with his program, Lopez Tonight, airing on TBS.

Mayan Lopez though, is just getting started following in her famous father’s footsteps. George Lopez’s latest series is the first regular role for his daughter, who also serves as a co-creator, a writer, and a producer on Lopez Vs. Lopez. The rest of the cast includes Selenis Leyva, Brice Gonzalez, Matt Shively, and Al Madrigal.

Lopez Vs. Lopez follows fellow freshman NBC show, Quantum Leap, in getting a full season pickup. George Lopez’s new series is not the only place he can be seen next year, as the comic will also be appearing in DC’s Blue Beetle, assuming the troubled superhero movie makes it out of production limbo. Lopez will at least appear in theaters alongside Aaron Eckhart and Terrence Howard in the upcoming thriller, Afterward, which is currently in post-production.