George Lopez Has A Serious Health Scare In The Middle Of A Show

By James Brizuela | 7 seconds ago

george lopez

George Lopez left fans worrying on New Year’s Eve when he walked off stage in the middle of his set. The comedian, who is 60, began to look “visibly ill” and apologized to the crowd before leaving. There was an ambulance waiting for him as he left the casino in which he was performing. Lopez was performing at the Muckleshoot Casino Resort in Auburn, Washington. He had been around 45 minutes into his set when he began to ask for water on stage and fans told PEOPLE that he looked distressed as he apologized and left the stage.

George Lopez’s second show of the night was immediately called off. The comedian was meant to be transported to a hospital. Paramedics treated him, but a representative for Lopez claims he did not go to the hospital. Fans began to worry immediately after seeing him struggle on stage and it appears further reports confirmed that he had been suffering from a pretty significant flu. Lopez is reportedly at his house and recovering from the illness that struck him on Friday night. A representative from Lopez’s camp told USA Today that he is currently “recuperating.” That is good news for fans who were concerned. Especially considering the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is currently sweeping through the nation, and some comedians have been cancelling shows due to it.

Things could have been much worse for George Lopez, as he was given a kidney transplant back in 2005. Lopez contracted a genetic disease that essentially made his kidneys deteriorate. Lopez’s then-wife, Ann Serrano Lopez, served as his kidney donor. There could be a myriad of issues that are caused by those who have organ transplants, so it is good to hear that he is only dealing with the flu. Being a person with an organ transplant, he is certainly immunocompromised, which may put him at a higher risk if he had contracted COVID-19.

The great news is that George Lopez seems to be in great spirits after his health scare and it’s likely that he was just massively dehydrated from contracting a pretty bad flu. The flu affects people differently and being that Lopez is 60 years old and has a kidney transplant means that he is likely affected a lot worse than most other people. Lopez’s performance at Muckleshoot has been rescheduled to March. Fans can get a refund for their purchase or patiently wait for a more healthy Lopez to return to the stage. We all wish him a speedy recovery and hope that the flu is the only thing the comedian has to worry about currently.

After Friday night’s occurrence, it appears that George Lopez is doing fine at home as he was posting a tribute to Betty White on his Instagram. White tragically passed away, and the collective world seemed to be mourning her death as thousands upon thousands of tributes began to pour in. Lopez posted a clip of White on his show, with a caption that read, “You know you’re loved when the entire world feels like 99 years just isn’t enough.” That is most certainly true.