Florence Pugh’s Upcoming Superhero Movie Already Headed For Disaster After Surprising Admission

Florence Pugh has yet to receive a script for Thunderbolts, despite the film's fast-approaching shooting schedule.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

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The recipe for a great film is actually quite simple and includes common ingredients such as the cast’s talent, the director’s vision, and, of course, the budget and production. But in the case of the latest Marvel production for Thunderbolts, which is slated for early this summer, the storyline is seemingly missing from this equation, according to Games Radar. Even Florence Pugh, who is reprising her role of Yelena, isn’t quite sure what she’s about to get into, but she’s confident about her upcoming performance nonetheless.

Weighing in on the mystery of her upcoming role, Florence Pugh states, “I don’t know much about what we’re shooting or what the storyline is, but I am very lucky to be in this position. That family is a very supportive one. Whatever they give me, I’ll act the hell out of it.”

And who are we to doubt Florence Pugh’s acting abilities at this point? After all, she just delivered a powerhouse dramatic performance in A Good Person, alongside Morgan Freeman, and under the direction of Zach Braff, which is slated for a March 24, 2023 release. Aside from the obvious differences in genre between A Good Person and Thunderbolts, the most glaring difference is that the former had a script, and nobody really knows what they’re getting into for the latter, as far as we know at this point in time.

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Fortunately for an actress of Florence Pugh’s caliber, a little confidence certainly goes a long way, and her dramatic range certainly will help move things along for the upcoming Marvel flick. We see the Dune: Part Two star taking on the incredibly vulnerable role of Alison in A Good Person, as she portrays a young woman struggling with opioid addiction that manifested from the death of her good friend and sister-in-law to be after a tragic accident. Pugh even wrote and recorded her own songs of grief for the soundtrack under the direction of Zach Braff in his fourth film, and she must have struck a chord because Braff has stated that he’d love to work with her again for his upcoming fifth film, which is still in the early writing phases.

It’s one thing for Braff to have Florence Pugh’s talent in mind while he’s still in the early writing phases, but in the case of Thunderbolts, Pugh and the rest of the cast have been tight-lipped about the film that starts production in June. In this case, however, we don’t think they’re being tight-lipped because they don’t want to leak any spoilers, but rather because the film is still in the early development stages despite the fact that its production date is rapidly approaching. Though it doesn’t seem to us that Pugh will have any issues preparing to reprise her role as Yelena Belova.

And sometimes a little bit of mystery isn’t necessarily a bad thing; there’s nothing wrong with a little rush of adrenaline during a production run, especially when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A Good Person stars Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman and is slated for a March 24 release. And the film is already making its mark on critics because of their powerhouse performance in this drama centered around grief and addiction. Let’s hope that this kind of creative energy from Pugh will carry over into the MCU as she gets familiarized with the upcoming Thunderbolts story that has, up to this point, left us in the dark.

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