See The First Look At The New Alien Series

It's on its way!

By Joshua Jones | Published


A new FX Alien series based on Ridley Scott’s 1979 science fiction classic is coming. The series is set to air in 2023, according to a recent interview with FX chief John Landgraf. Series creator Noah Hawley delivered all the scripts from the series last month. In addition, Weta has signed on to handle all the visual effects, which have been a staple in the Alien franchise for decades. Concept art from the upcoming series has appeared online thanks to AvP Galaxy, showing planned scenes from earlier parts of the show thank.

The concept art shows the Weyland-Yutani spaceship, the USCSS, crashing in what appears to be the middle of a futuristic city. Right away, one can get a sense of the bleak, haunting tone the creators are going for. The next couple of concept pieces reveals two soldiers being stalked by the iconic Xenomorph. One can make out in the mist Xenomorph eggs in containers. The look of the new Alien series seems to capture the spirit of Ridley Scott’s 1979 science fiction horror film. The last concept art, in particular, is reminiscent of the type of shots in Scott’s earlier works.

Credit: AVPGalaxy
Credit: AVPGalaxy
Credit: AVPGalaxy

Regarding plot and setting, the new Alien series is set way before Sigourney Weaver’s character ever appears. It was confirmed that Weaver wouldn’t be involved; however, Ridley Scott will produce the series with the help of his Scott Free Banner production company. When asked about what fans can expect from the new series, Hawley teased that fans can expect some “big surprises.” He stated that he wanted to create a version of the Earth that is “distinctive and original.” Hawley also worked on other FX series, including Fargo and Legion. The new Alien series was announced during Disney’s 2021 Investor Day presentation.

If there’s one thing the new Alien series has to combat is fan expectation. Both the 1979 and the James Cameron-directed sequel Aliens are considered by many fans to be two of the greatest science fiction films of all time. The first film won the 1980 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and was nominated for Best Art Direction. It also helped launch Sigourney Weaver’s career, who got a Best Actress nomination for her role as Ripley. The popularity of the franchise helped spawn multiple sequels and spinoffs. Director Eli Roth once credited Alien for inspiring him to become a film director, saying, “I saw Alien when I was 8 years old. To me, it was like a combination of Jaws and Star Wars and that’s the movie that made me want to be a director. It traumatized me.” Alien was also the inspiration for one of the creators of the series, The Expanse.

Not much else is known regarding the new Alien series. If there’s one thing to take away from the concept art, it is that the creators are looking at the original films for inspiration. In the new age of streaming, shows are constantly competing against one another for viewers’ attention. Only time will tell if the new Alien series can carve out a spot for itself.