Exclusive: Star Trek: Picard Is Getting Three More Seasons

By Doug Norrie | Published

Star Trek Picard patrick stewart

With Paramount Plus taking over the Star Trek universe we’ve been given a whole new lease on series life for the franchise. With that comes the questions, sometimes, around how long these shows will last on the platform and what the future holds. Now, our trusted and proven source has an update on Star Trek: Picard that will really please fans. It looks like the platform is planning on an additional three seasons for the series, giving us a long runway into the future for a show that quickly became a fan favorite. 

This latest news has the new seasons in development right now, though it is short of having the full green light. That being said, there had been some rumors circulating that Star Trek: Picard might be on the chopping block, a cancellation possibly imminent. But our source has this not being the case. With an additional three seasons planned, that would at minimum, bring the show through Season 4. It would allow for significant time to develop the ongoing story of the Admiral who went through major changes (an understatement) at the end of the show’s first season. 

With a longer timeline now in the works for Star Trek: Picard, we can look forward to a second season that develops the story rather than brings it to a close. After last season, Patrick Stewart’s Picard had become something different than human, having his consciousness uploaded to an identical body form, a golem so to speak, which will now house his former self. It was an interesting development for the series which continues to explore space along philosophical lines as much as it does around discovering the far reaches of the universe. 

star trek picard patrick stewart

And this second season of Star Trek: Picard looks like it is set to take an exciting turn, especially for fans of the original Star Trek: The Next Generation. Early teasers and casting news have it that John de Lancie is returning as Q for this second season. The show is touting that this next season will deal with things more on a meta-level, describing the true final frontier not as space, but as “time”. We know that Q, from his previous dealings with Picard and company, is one to wield his powers of time and reality in ways that aren’t necessarily to lord over others, but to provide sometimes levity and other times learning moments. 

There are other rumors for how these next seasons will take shape. It looks like Star Trek: Picard will introduce a son for Patrick Stewart’s character. It will be someone he was unaware of though could fit into some of the original Star Trek timelines involving the character. How they meet up and have their paths cross remains to be seen, but this could also be within the bounds of the exploration of time. 

Now, of course, some of this still has to be worked out and a lot can happen between now and a Star Trek: Picard Season 4 (or more) considering the show hasn’t even entered its second season yet. That one has been in production for the better part of this year with some initial plans to shoot the third season in tandem as part of the production timeline. The plans are to release the second season of the show sometime in 2022.