Demonic Trailer Has District 9 Director Blending The Matrix And The Exorcist

By Doug Norrie | Updated

demonic trailer

Ever wanted to watch what happens with who you cross up the ideas around Satan-like possessions with the artificial intelligence simulations of the Matrix into one terrifying hellscape? Well, great news because this next movie might be for you. The Demonic trailer has a little bit of both which will make you simultaneously never want to conjure up anything from the underworld and also never think about plugging your brain into some other third-party virtual reality app. You kind of have all of your nightmare bases covered in this one. 

The Demonic trailer comes from Neill Blomkamp and looks like a flick that will not only scare you out of your seat but also have you wrestling with the issues around virtual reality simulations and what kind of demons they bring to us in the real world. It’s a frightening concept and this latest trailer is a mix of computer graphics overlaid with current reality to give a mix of things that will make the viewer question what is real and what isn’t. Check out the Demonic trailer here:

In the Demonic trailer, we catch up with Carly Pope’s character whose mother (Nathalie Blott) apparently went on a homicidal killing spree some time ago and is now in a medically induced coma. But while there, she’s hooked up to a computer simulation that has her mind more than a little active. The scientists involved with the study want to put Pope’s character in the simulation as well to see what she can learn from Blott. Hate to give anything away here, but this ends up being a massive mistake. 

The Demonic trailer then gives us what’s really going on here: a simulation that is also a possible portal for unknown evil to cross over into our world. From the looks of things, it seems like Pope is increasingly unsure which reality she is in, confused about the state of her being while some kind of demon ritualistically stalks her. The film is mashed up visually into these two parts and it looks like a unique experience, to say the least. 

Of course, the Demonic trailer also has to give us a little conspiracy theory along with it, letting us know there are bigger forces at play. This is a Blomkamp movie after all, and Chris William Martin’s character lets us know that the Vatican has been training a special forces-type group of Catholic demon-fighting mercenaries who are also mixed up in the affair. So we’ve got all of our action and horror boxes checked with this movie. 

demonic trailer

With this Demonic trailer, it’s clear we are going to get another ambitious Neill Blomkamp film. While they don’t always hit, he has a number of productions which have worked to try new things each time. Whether it was the social and economic dynamics of District 9, the mix of machine and man in the race to the Garden of Eden in Elysium or the machine as a best friend concept in Chappie, this guy definitely tries new stuff. Demonic looks scarier than those other films for sure and could continue ushering in the science fiction/ horror overlap. Demonic is due out in theaters on August 20th after screening back in March at the Berlin International Film Festival.