Jason Momoa Teases Return To Fan-Favorite Character

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Jason Momoa has appeared in a laundry list of fan-favorite projects, including Game of Thrones, Aquaman, Fast X, and more, amassing a giant following of die-hard fans along the way. Of all the films he’s starred in, his leading role as Duncan Idaho in Dune may be his best, as the 44-year-old steals the show whenever he’s on screen.

Jason Momoa Returning To Dune?

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According to a recent interview with Men’s Health, Momoa would love to revive the character of Duncan Idaho, especially because the character has unfinished business which Jason Momoa feels is important to the plot.

It would be an exciting turn of events for the franchise and something that actually lines up with the novels as well.

Bringing Back Duncan Idaho

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While discussing his prolific career both in front of and behind the camera, Jason Momoa expressed great interest in reviving Duncan Idaho for the upcoming third installment in the Dune franchise.

While providing half-joking half-serious commentary on what he’d like to do with the character, Momoa argued that Idaho should return in the forthcoming sequel, and drink a Guinness, Momoa’s favorite beverage.

Deleted Scene Could Lead To Return?

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While seriously discussing Duncan, Idaho, however, Jason Momoa explained that a major scene was shot for the first Dune film, which never saw the light of day, paving the way for a reprisal of his role in the third movie.

He refused to elaborate on what happens in the scene, stating he may get in trouble for bringing it up, though he did hint that it could lead to a return to the hostile world of Dune for the beloved character.

Momoa is not present on screen during the run-time of Dune: Part Two, though he did catch the earliest possible screening of the film out of pure excitement for the material.

Fitting Ending

Spoiler alert for 2021’s Dune ahead, for those who have not seen it, but Jason Momoa’s character, Duncan Idaho, is slain toward the end of the movie while defending Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica, and Dr. Liet Kynes from an attacking force of Sardaukar warriors.

The ending was fitting for the character, who devoted his entire life to fending off those who would see House Atreides fall. Still, whatever unused assets Jason Momoa is referencing from the first film could allow for the character to return, through some complex sci-fi resurrection methods.

Other Ways To Return

Otherwise, Jason Momoa could still appear in Dune: Part Three in the form of a flashback or dream sequence, even repurposing the unused scene into the plot of the upcoming film. There are also story mechanisms that bring back Duncan Idaho in other ways, though it would be an altered version of himself.

Franchise lead Timothee Chalamet seems to agree that there’s space for Momoa to return, referencing the characters’ prolific run in the Dune novel series in a recent interview.

While there’s no confirmation that the films will adapt the novels with 100 percent accuracy, some fans have even begun to look ahead within the books to predict the future of the film franchise.

Dune 3 Not Yet Official

For now, a third Dune movie hasn’t even been officially green-lit. Of course, announcing the film is little more than a formality at this point, as both installments have been hugely successful financially and critically, making additional Dune outings a no-brainer for Warner Bros Discovery.

While it still seems functionally impossible for Jason Momoa to return to the role, stranger things have certainly happened.

Source: Men’s Health