David Tennant Reunites With Doctor Who Mastermind For A New Show

David Tennant is teaming up with one of the creatives from his Doctor Who time. For this one their working on a limited series together.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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David Tennant played Doctor Who for three memorable seasons, just one of the many cool things he’s done on screen in his many years in the acting game. And though his stint with the T.A.R.D.I.S. was shorter than most fans would have liked, it was a successful run nonetheless. Now he’s getting a chance to team up with another Doctor Who alum, this one a creative, for a new film. According to Deadline, David Tennant and Steven Moffat are both coming on board for Inside Man.

According to the report, Netflix is picking up the distribution rights for Inside Man which will also broadcast on the BBC and features a ton of big names who will also take part in the series. In addition to David Tennant, the Moffat-led limited series will have Stanley Tucci in the lead as well as Dolly Wells in a major role. It’s set to come in four parts and appears to be a pretty wide-ranging story. The basic plot details, which are being kept mostly quiet, involve a death-row prisoner in the United States, a Catholic clergy member, and a math teacher all of whom have an interwoven lives in different respects. It’s unclear who is playing who in the production. 

In addition to David Tennant and Moffat both having worked on Doctor Who in the past, Wells also worked on the latter’s BBC miniseries Dracula. This latest series could have a similarly dark tone to it considering the circumstances and that’s where the writer’s tendencies have leaned over the years. There’s no clear timeline for when this series will actually hit Netflix and the BBC but with the casting mostly rounded out I suspect production to get underway sooner than later. 

david tennant

David Tennant played Doctor Who for three seasons becoming the tenth Doctor in 2005 when he took over for Christopher Eccleston. Tennant ended up being one of their more popular Doctors for the show’s unbelievably long run. He brought a rather iconic turn to an already iconic character and show and fans were bummed to see him go after those three seasons. 

During that tenth doctor run, Steven Moffat was also one of the head writers on the show. He worked under Russell T. Davies but was credited with penning a number of different episodes during that time. One of those was “Parting of the Ways” which was Tennant’s first credited episode in the show. He went on to work with Tenant as showrunner for those seasons and also penned popular episodes like “The Christmas Invasion” and “The Girl in the Fireplace”.

In addition to Inside Man, David Tennant has a number of other projects in the works right now. The big one is the eight-episode series Around the World in 80 Days based on the Jules Verne classic. He’ll play Phileas Fogg in the series which could end up a visually stunning affair considering the locations and nature of the story. He’s also been cast in Fuddy Meers about a woman with amnesia. But Inside Man is really one to get pumped for considering it’s reuniting the Doctor Who alums for another work.