David Harbour And Anthony Mackie Facing Off In Marvel Project?

Here's what Marvel had to say about David Harbour's Red Guardian and Anthony Mackie's Captain America meeting up.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Marvel is just as anxious to see David Harbour’s Red Guardian square off against Captain America as fans are, and Anthony Mackie might give them the opportunity. 

During a recent Twitter watch party of Black Widow, a fan asked whether or not David Harbour’s Russian super-soldier would ever get his wish to take on Captain America by way of Anthony Mackie’s newly promoted Falcon. Marvel boss Kevin Feige responded to the fan and noted that he would love to see the throw-down take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before throwing the question to the stars themselves. See the tweet below.

Unfortunately, neither David Harbour nor Anthony Mackie has responded to the question as of yet. However, all signs indicate that both of their characters are far from done in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only real question would be whether or not a story would present itself for them to cross paths. Meanwhile, the only person that could stand in the way of that happening, Feigie, just said he’d like to see it happen. 

One possible entry point for David Harbour’s Red Guardian to return in a bout against the new Captain America could be by way of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. As fans know, she was introduced during Falcon and the Winter Soldier and eventually recruited Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s nemesis, John Walker, to her team. She appeared again in the mid-credits scene of Black Widow to recruit Red Guardian’s fake daughter Yelena to that same team. 

Those hoping for a fight between David Harbour’s Red Guardian and America’s favorite super-soldier might have to settle for him crossing paths with Walker’s U.S. Agent. Then again, although he’s not a super-soldier, it seems Marvel Studios and its fans are eager to see Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson test his might against the Russian foe. Fortunately, there will be no shortage of opportunities for them to find a project to square off in. In addition to multiple movies with cameo potential for the two stars, Disney+ TV shows like Hawkeye and even Loki Season 2 could also provide a worthy ring for the two characters to trade blows in. 

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However, if fans are simply eager to see David Harbour and Anthony Mackie share a screen together, they’ll get their wish long before any opportunity presents itself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Variety reports that, coincidentally enough, the two actors will co-star in an upcoming family adventure from Netflix titled We Have a Ghost

Based on Geoff Managuh’s short story Ernest, the story sees David Harbour and Anthony Mackie in a story about a young man named Kevin, played by Jahi Di’Allo Winston, meet a ghost named Earnest, played by Harbour, who is haunting his new home. The discovery of a ghost turns the family into overnight social media stars, but things go awry when they start digging into Earnest’s past and find themselves the target of the CIA. 

David Harbour, Anthony Mackie, and Jahi Di’Allo Winston will be joined in the movie by Tig Notaro, Jennifer Coolidge, Erica Ash, Isabella Russo, Niles Fitch, Faith Ford and Steve Coulter in a script directed by Freaky and Happy Death Day helmer, Christopher Landon.