Our Clint Eastwood Juror No. 2 Scoop Confirmed By The Hollywood Reporter

Our exclusive report that Clint Eastwood will be directing his final movie, Juror No. 2, has been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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Two weeks ago, we exclusively reported that Clint Eastwood would be helming the courtroom thriller Juror No. 2, which would be his final film before retiring. We also reported that Eastwood was in talks with Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette to star in the feature. Today, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that our trusted and proven sources were correct on both accounts.

Clint Eastwood’s final film will be Juror No. 2, a courtroom thriller that follows a murder trial juror (Hoult) who discovers that he actually had something to do with the crime. The juror is then faced with the moral dilemma of whether he should use the information he knows to sway the jury and save himself or turn himself in to the justice system he is currently serving. Collette will be playing the prosecutor in the trial. 

Clint Eastwood, who is currently 92, turns 93 at the end of May, a few weeks before Juror No. 2 is set to begin filming. This makes the Gran Torino actor one of the oldest people still working in Hollywood. Eastwood’s last project, Cry Macho, was not well received by critics or audiences, leaving many to believe that the legendary actor and director wanted one more shot at creating a good film before hitting the hay.

According to the THR sources, Clint Eastwood had been on the search for a good script and found what he was looking for in Juror No. 2. It’s an interesting choice for Eastwood’s final film, considering that he is a filmmaker more known for his Westerns and hasn’t had a lot of experience in courtroom dramas. However, Eastwood is one of the most iconic actors and directors in Hollywood and has experienced many different genres across the board, leaving him plenty qualified to helm this courtroom thriller. 

Jonathan Abrams wrote the script for Juror No. 2, though Clint Eastwood called for a few rewrites before accepting it as his sunset piece. In addition to rewrites, Eastwood adjusted the ages of some of the characters and added a new supporting role. The famous director has been on the hunt for the right actors to cast in his final film since 2022 and considered Charlize Theron before landing on Collette and Hoult.

Nicholas Hoult in Renfield with Nicolas Cage

It will be interesting to see Hoult in Clint Eastwood’s movie since he often portrays a boyish character on screen. It is likely we will see Hoult’s innocent charm showcased in a more subtle manner for the part of the jury member. On the other hand, Colette has already proven she can do anything, having been in practically every genre from rom-coms to horror, and we’re convinced she will be absolutely thrilling as the prosecutor on this murder case.

While this will be Clint Eastwood’s final project, both Hoult and Collette have plenty on their plates at the moment. Hoult can next be seen in the upcoming Nicolas Cage movie Renfield and another vampire classic, Robert Egger’s Nosferatu. Fans can catch Collette on Amazon’s fantasy series, The Power, and will soon join Robert Pattinson, Mark Ruffalo, and Steven Yeun in Bong Joon Ho’s Mickey 17