Chris Pratt Fights Aliens In The First Tomorrow War Trailer

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

Chris Pratt

The first full trailer for Chris Pratt’s new sci-fi movie, The Tomorrow War, is finally here. This is one of the movies that was delayed due to the pandemic. It was originally meant for theaters, but Paramount sold The Tomorrow War to Amazon for a hefty $200 million. Clearly, Amazon believed we’d like this one. Watch the trailer below to see why.

This trailer shows off a movie you might expect to see from Chris Pratt. That’s a bit of a relief because what we’ve seen prior to this trailer has made the movie seem a lot darker and more plot-driven, failing to give us a look at who Pratt was playing.

While this is our first full trailer for The Tomorrow War, we actually saw a 40-second teaser for this movie a month ago. When we shared that trailer with you, we noted that Chris Pratt looked determined and the film gritty. Previous marketing materials, like the plot description and still photos, have also made this movie look serious and dark. A lot of the footage in the previous teaser is the same as what we’re seeing in this new full trailer, but it clearly didn’t do a full job of showing us the tone of this movie. What is being shown in this full trailer offers a lot more heart, humor, and character. It just looks more like a Chris Pratt movie.

This trailer starts off with the actor being a touch goofy as he shows up for a party, and we immediately see that this character’s first priority is his daughter. Before anything else in the trailer, we’ve been given a way to know him and a reason to like him. As the trailer goes on, we see Chris Pratt in dire circumstances, around serious people, and cracking jokes. This is familiar if you’ve seen a movie with Pratt before. It’s something he does well and everyone appreciates about him.

the tomorrow war

While this new trailer does a great job of letting us know that yes, Chris Pratt is going to play up his skills as a guy who can make you laugh and feel relatable, the movie also has heart. Clearly, for The Tomorrow War, that heart is in this man’s love for his daughter. The character is headed into a terrible war, and yeah, okay, he’s going to save the world, but he doesn’t have some grand and noble reason for doing that. While those characters are great, that’s not him, and it’s also less relatable. The trailer has Pratt saying, “I’m trying to save my daughter. If I gotta save the world to save her, then I’m gonna do it.” By the time this line is uttered in the trailer, his character has us hooked. These are promises of a solid narrative.

But it’s not all heart and jokes. This trailer was well-done. It weaved the plot of the war in with letting us get to know Chris Pratt’s character and mission through most of it. The end of the trailer let us know that, yes, there are going to be aliens, special effects, and big explosions. We see the beings warming walls, ships, and in the middle of infernos. The swarms let us know that this is going to be a big, special-effects, action movie. Something you’ll want to pull up on the biggest screen you own, not just watch on your phone.

The trailer closed off with Chris Pratt looking up at one of the individual aliens, setting a moment of suspense like you might feel in a horror movie. They really managed to show off the genre elements for this film, and the heart of the story, while making it feel cohesive. Hopefully, The Tomorrow War lives up to the solid promises of the trailer. Pratt has sworn there’s a lot to be excited about in this one. We’ll be able to find out when it streams on Amazon Prime Video July 2, 2021.