Cary Elwes Signs On With Same Production Company As Gina Carano

By Britta DeVore | 2 months ago

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Conservative media website, Daily Wire, has announced plans to release another free film on their YouTube channel, Deadline reports. Set for a debut date on YouTube of March 10, the film will then make its way to Daily Wire’s website where it can be screened by members only. Bringing in Robin Hood: Men in Tights star Cary Elwes, the company is following its first film, an action project titled Shut In, with The Hyperions, an indie comedy. Shut In brought in a viewership of over 500,000 within its first three days on both Daily Wire’s website and YouTube platform, a number they are hoping will only go up with the release of The Hyperions. Daily Wire has famously also produced the most recent Gina Carano film.

The Hyperions centers around Cary Elwes’, Professor Ruckus Mandulbaum, an entrepreneur and inventor. Back in 1960, Mandulbaum changed the world with his creation, ‘Titan badge,’ which transformed three teenagers into the world’s newest superheroes. With the professor at their side, the foursome quickly rose through the ranks of prestige and honor, gathering a world full of followers and fans behind them. But soon, ego and pride would get in the way of their glory days, causing the team to fall apart. Upset with the way things had shaken out with his invention, Professor Ruckus Mandulbaum took back the team’s powers, leaving them to be just normal, everyday people once again. Finding a new set of members for his crew, the professor bestowed them with the ‘Titan badge’ and launched them into stardom. An event he had replicated with the original members of the Hyperions all those years ago. At present time, two of the discarded good-doers have decided they want their powers back and are willing to stop at nothing to accomplish their mission. Setting out on a journey to reclaim the badge that takes them to the professor’s museum, the duo soon finds themselves in deeper water than they bargained for. 

Starring alongside Cary Elwes in the movie about the washed-up and desperate superheroes will be Penelope Mitchell (Hellboy), Tanner Buchanan (Cobra Kai), Elain Tan (Tully), and Alphonso McAuley (Walk of Shame). Jon McDonald, who brought us 2016’s Muddy Corman, wrote, directed, and produced the film, representing his American Millimetre company on the production side. Justin Bell also produced under his Justin Bell Productions alongside Jon Michael Kondrath for Rekon Productions. 

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In a statement released with the debut announcement, co-CEO of Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing expressed his excitement for the soon-to-be arrival of the Cary Elwes led feature, calling it “one of the most creative films” that he has ever seen. He promises audiences an “ingenious comedy” that is great for all demographics of viewers. He added the company wanted to put as many eyes on The Hyperions as they could, which is what they are setting out to accomplish through the movie’s YouTube release. Not showing any signs of slowing down with their onscreen material, the media company is gearing up to bring subscribers another film soon. Starring fired Mandalorian actress, Gina Carano, Terror on the Prairie will be an action-packed western. Hoping to draw in new audiences with big names, Daily Mail is aiming to keep the content churning into the foreseeable future.