See Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Reunite In The Next Always Sunny Season

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 trailer shows that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will appear in the series.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang’s back and they’re bringing two very familiar faces along for the ride. In a freshly dropped trailer for the raucous comedy series’ 16th season, audiences caught a peek at guest appearances from Breaking Bad buddies, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene, which you can check out in the trailer below (starting at the 0:53 mark), the dynamic duo can be seen being toted around in the back of Charlie’s (Charlie Day) car.

The hang up? It’s pretty unclear who Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will be playing during their spot on the FX series. From behind the wheel, Charlie addresses the “funky” smell that his passengers may be experiencing, saying that he threw up in the car earlier. Addressing Aaron Paul as “Mr. Malcolm,” it would seem as though whoever the two are appearing as on the show, they’ll be specifically written to be worked into the storyline.

Along with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 trailer features a slew of familiar faces from over the show’s almost two decades on the air. There are, of course, the core members of the infamous gang, which includes Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, Rob McElhenney, and Danny DeVito, but a lot of old ghosts will be back to haunt the upcoming season.

Also spotted in the trailer are the likes of Mary Elizabeth Ellis’ The Waitress, Jimmi Simpson and Nate Mooney’s McPoyle brothers, Charlie’s mom, played by Lynne Marie Stewart, Mac’s mom, played by Sandy Martin, and the incomparable Artemis, played by Artemis Pebdani – just to name a few.

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Beyond Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s appearances in the trailer, it looks like the series is setting up another knock-out season for its dedicated fanbase to enjoy. From Frank (DeVito) discovering a bathroom in his shared apartment with Charlie (Day) to Sweet Dee (Olson) having a girl’s night out (that appears to be Pink Ladies themed) with some of the more repulsive ladies, the season is already shaping up to be another hit from the creative minds that have brought us laughs year after year. 

As for the Breaking Bad co-stars, it’s somehow been almost an entire decade since the AMC series took its final bow, but we’ve still been longing to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite at any chance we get. This year, the duo appeared in a Super Bowl ad, reprising their roles as the ruthless drug lord and his sidekick. Although it was just a brief cameo while repping PopCorners, it was refreshing to see the duo back in action. 

Beyond their upcoming reunion on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there’s no telling where Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will appear next. Although the series finale put a halt to seeing the two back together in a sequel series or project, there’s always a chance for them to reunite down the line in a completely different production. Season 16 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia debuts on June 7 with a two-episode premiere.