Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel 2 Nemesis Revealed?

Brie Larson and Captain Marvel might have finally met her match with this latest villain. It's a super-powerful nemesis for the hero

By Doug Norrie | Published

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Brie Larsen has already fought some of the most powerful evildoers in the Marvel Universe and she’s only been in two movies so far. Now she’s set to take on someone else who will offer a formidable challenge for her Captain Marvel character. The latest news is that supervillain Michael Korvac will be the primary adversary in Captain Marvel 2 when the sequel finally hits. The name might not ring out, but this is going to be quite the task for Brie Larson’s character in the sequel. 

Michael Korvac isn’t a name many Marvel fans might know, but this character will provide a significant challenge for Brie Larson and Captain Marvel as the primary antagonist in the next movie. In the comics, the character exists in a different timeline. Through a series of events he takes on superhuman cyborg form and eventually downloads powers from Galactus’s supercomputer. This gives him nearly god-like powers though he chooses to disguise himself in a human form. So while the name is a plain one, the powers are anything but. 

In the comic books, Korvac’s character has run-ins with the Guardians of the Galaxy at multiple points and does run afoul of some other superheroes like Doctor Strange as well. He has a ton of powers including energy projection and teleportation. We know that Brie Larson, in Captain Marvel form, is one of the most powerful heroes in the franchise, but this might be a step above even her punching weight. It is always interesting to see how Marvel dials up the intrigue around its antagonists, but this is definitely one way to go. 

brie larson captain marvel

Where this stands in some contrast to other casting is that Zawe Ashton will be joining Brie Larson in the Captain Marvel cast. The rumors were that she would play the central villain in the movie, leading to great speculation around who that character would be. Ashton in the role of Korvac would mean a gender-swap of the character, though in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this is far from a big deal. In fact, in some ways Captain Marvel set this in motion choosing the Carol Danvers path from the outset. 

Along with Brie Larson and Zawe Ashton, we also know that Iman Vellani is set to have a big role in Captain Marvel 2, playing Ms. Marvel. She’ll have roles in both the movie and, of course, her own series which is coming out on Disney+ later this year. As reported, this movie will be an almost all-female cast and is set to be one of the most anticipated movies in the franchise. 

Brie Larson and Captain Marvel 2 are set to capitalize on the resounding success of the original film. That one scored 79% on Rotten Tomatoes in a clear critical win and also banked more than $1.1 billion dollars at the box office as well. Now we are gearing up for another intergalactic clash with a villain who has more than enough brains and powers to give the hero a run for her money.