New Batman Christmas Movie Announced

By Doug Norrie | 5 seconds ago

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Batman is a lot of things. He is a vigilante. A force of truth and justice. A scourge against the seedier elements of Gotham City and the world. But a holiday season reveler? It isn’t how we have seen that character in the past for sure. That is set to change with a Christmas Batman movie special set to debut later this year in time for the holiday season. ComicBook has it that Merry Little Batman will debut later this year and is gearing up to following something of a theme of another classic Christmas movie; one of the best ever. 

According to the loglines, the Merry Little Batman movie will have a theme we have seen in the past around the Christmas season. In this one, Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne of Talia Al Ghul, who eventually goes on to become another version of Robin is left by himself in Wayne Manor. He is left Home Alone if you will and must protect the house against groups of villains from the Batman universe who are set on attacking the home and upending the Christmas season. Sound familiar? This six-year-old version of Damian will be tasked with supposedly turning into Little Batman to save the day. I think we can just imagine Macauley Culkin in the cape and cowl for this one.

This Batman movie is set to first appear on the Cartoon Network for a wider audience during the holiday season. It is part of a block of programming called Acme Night  And according to the reporting, WarnerMedia is aiming for this movie to be part of their Christmas programming for years to come. They are shooting for a timeless aspect of the story, much like Home Alone did with that original story of a kid saving the holiday after being left behind by his family. 

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Other shows that will be included by Warner Media along with this Batman movie will be flicks about Steve Urkel, The Gremlins, Harry Potter, Looney Tunes, and more. It will be a wide-ranging set of characters given holiday specials meant to be replayed over coming years in a similar timeline. To say this is a new look for Batman and company is an understatement. We don’t often associate Wayne Manor with a time of holiday reverie. 

It is an interesting time for the Batman brand with the character clearly going in different directions for different audiences. In addition to this Christmas Batman movie, there is going to be a completely different movie coming out next year for the character. That will be the Robert Pattinson-led The Batman which some are already describing as having something of a horror theme. It could be the darkest take on the character yet, detailing his first year of crime-fighting and dealing with a serial killer version of The Riddler. The next trailer for that film is coming out soon. And then there is Ben Affleck who will be done as the character following the events of The Flash. 

We are still waiting to hear a specific release date for the Merry Little Batman movie which will hit Cartoon Network later this fall.