Andy Samberg Is Making Another Sci-Fi Movie

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

andy samberg

Andy Samberg is probably known to most people as another Saturday Night Live alumnus and star of the popular comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However, he recently turned heads with the Hulu film Palm Springs, a well-liked sci-fi time loop comedy that Samberg starred in and also produced. The movie has been getting a ton of critical acclaim and is even in contention for some serious awards. So, it sounds like Samberg wants to get right back into the genre.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Andy Samberg has signed on to another sci-fi film with some other pretty substantial creatives. The script for this new movie will be penned by Palm Springs screenwriter Andy Siara who will also be an executive producer. Samberg will produce and star in the as-yet-untitled sci-fi film. Ben Stiller and Noah Hawley will also be on board as producers for the film. That sounds like quite the lineup of talent involved. It seems like Palm Springs has given the team behind it enough clout to try something even bigger and bolder.

That sounds great, especially when it comes to Andy Samberg flexing his talents as both a comedic and dramatic presence. He is slowly becoming one of the more interesting comedic actors to stretch his legs in other genres. We assume that this new sci-fi film will also have a heavy dose of comedy, but we are also banking on it being a showcase for Samberg’s range as an actor. Could he be making a play for some big-time awards with this new movie? Could this end up being an Oscar contender? We simply don’t know yet since the plot for the movie is being heavily guarded.

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What we do know is that this new Andy Samberg sci-fi film will be produced by Apple Studios. The fight for this movie was apparently a very competitive one, so Apple must believe that the project has some real wide-reaching appeal. The studio wants to do its best to turn Apple TV+ into a prestige outlet. It has seen films like On the Rocks, Greyhound, and Wolfwalkers enter the awards conversation and clearly wants to keep that train going. They will be releasing the Joe and Anthony Russo drama Cherry this year and they are set to go into production on Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon. Basically, they want their movies to be in competition for some Oscars.

We will have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for any more news about this new Andy Samberg sci-fi movie. With Palm Springs setting a really solid foundation and the talent involved, this new movie will be getting a lot of scrutiny when it finally lands on Apple TV+. Hopefully, Samberg can help knock it out of the park again. The world can always use more original genre movies, and if this allows for more of those to happen, it is a net good for film fans. If we hear any updates about this project, we will make sure to report it as soon as possible.