Alien TV Show Set On Earth Coming, Ridley Scott Involved

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

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Alien is finally making its way to television. There have been rumors about a potential series based in the sci-fi/horror world that Ridley Scott helped bring to life back in 1979, and we have finally gotten confirmation in the biggest way. And not only that, Noah Hawley (Fargo, Legion) will be the showrunner for this new series. And believe it or not, that is not all the news we have learned about this new series.

Ridley Scott is in advanced talks to join the Alien series as an executive producer. The show will be set in the near future and will take place on Earth. Fans of the property have been anticipating a story that puts the series on Earth ever since it was teased back in 1991, and once again at the end of Alien: Resurrection. Exactly what characters the series will focus on or how prominent the familiar elements of the xenomorph will remain to be seen.

With the likely inclusion of Ridley Scott, fans are also wondering if we will get a conclusion to the story that was being told in the most recent films, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Those movies focused on David, an android that went rogue and ended up being the Frankenstein-like architect behind the xenomorph’s creation. Will the FX show acknowledge these movies as canon? Or will the show be mostly disconnected from a lot of what we have seen in the franchise up to this point? What elements of the franchise will it acknowledge? Could it take place before the events of Prometheus? So many questions!

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While we have known that an Alien television series has been in the works for some time, the inclusion of Noah Hawley as the showrunner is the real surprise attached to this news. Hawley has been a celebrated producer and writer in television for many years now, but he rose to prestigious prominence when he created Fargo, a distinct riff on the beloved film. After that, he was given the reins to Legion, an X-Men property that eschewed typical superhero cinema style in favor of outrageous and even experimental approaches. He was attached to a new take on the Star Trek film franchise, but that appears to be dead in the water.

Now, Hawley will be shepherding the Alien television series and his involvement is reason enough to be extremely intrigued. His strong grasp of long-form storytelling and science fiction bodes well for the upcoming series. And with the series set to premier on Hulu, the hope is that content won’t be an issue as far as violence or subject matter are concerned. The Alien franchise has (almost) always been an R-rated kind of affair, and the hope is that this show will carry on that tradition.

As soon as we learn more about the Alien television series, we will immediately update you. This is one of the most thrilling projects to come out of the Disney Investor Day announcements, and we hope nothing but the best for this show.

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