Watch Dogs Movie With Hit Horror Star In The Works

By Britta DeVore | Published

After delivering a dynamic performance in A24’s unforeseen horror favorite Talk To Me, the industry is buzzing with casting directors trying to get up-and-coming star Sophie Wilde to sign her name on their contracts. While nothing is set in stone, it sounds like Wilde is eying her next project to be with New Regency in their adaptation of the UbiSoft video game, Watch Dogs. With more than 50 million gamers playing around the globe, the film studio is undoubtedly ready to pull the trigger on this surefire feature.

Watch Dogs Is About Hackers

As of right now, plot details for the cinematic version of Watch Dogs are being kept under wraps but with any sort of adaptation from book to comic to game, audiences at least have a smidgen of an idea of what they’ll be getting themselves into. Centered around various hackers, the games challenge players to jump into a world of crime and corruption as they try to lie undiscovered and take control of a network that hooks all electronic systems together. 

Wilde’s Casting Is All We Know

Aside from Sophie Wilde’s potential casting, no further details have been revealed when it comes to the film’s call sheet. However, we do know that Watch Dogs will be helmed by Mathieu Turi, a critically acclaimed French filmmaker known for his work behind other projects, including Meander and The Deep Dark. Christie LeBlanc, the scribe behind Netflix’s sci-fi thriller Oxygen, joins as the writer in charge of adapting the production from video game to big screen.

Video Games Are Hot In Hollywood

In all likelihood, Watch Dogs will be a money-making title for New Regency’s future rollout plan, as video games have been all the rage in recent years. With HBO striking gold for its small-screen reimagining of The Last of Us and Prime Video on the verge of unleashing Fallout onto the world, it’s a good time to gobble up rights to game titles as popular as these. Later this year, we will also see the feature-length arrival of the star-studded Eli Roth adaptation of Borderlands with Jared Hess’ Minecraft film, which will give audiences something to look forward to in 2025.

Ubisoft And New Regency’s Past Work

Assassin's Creed series

Watch Dogs won’t be New Regency’s first foray into video game shifts as the studio previously backed Justin Kurzel’s 2016 film Assassin’s Creed, which also hails from Ubisoft. Featuring performances from Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson, the adaptation was largely a flop with critics and fans alike. Due to its poor box office performance, a sequel, which was in the works, was axed by Disney after the company acquired 21st Century Fox in 2019.

Hack The Planet

With Watch Dogs, the production company will hopefully redeem itself, as it now has the tools to look back on what went wrong with Assassin’s Creed and remedy the problem. Starting with the potential casting of Sophie Wilde is a big step forward as the actress’s career blew up following her stellar performance in the feature-length directorial debut from brothers and creative partners Danny and Michael Philippou. While a sequel for the Australian horror flick is on the way, Wilde’s participation in it is still up in the air.