Tron’s Jeff Bridges Has Cancer

Tron star Jeff Bridges has announced he has cancer.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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TRON star Jeff Bridges has announced that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma. The 70-year-old actor dropped the news on Twitter last night to his nearly 322,000 followers and the internet immediately responded with a wave of sympathy and well-wishes.

Here is the tweet from the TRON actor announcing his diagnosis and what his immediate next steps are going to be:

Jeff Bridges has had an amazing career that spans over half a century. While many sci-fi and genre fans will recognize him from the cult hit TRON, Bridges has proven to be one of the most versatile actors of his entire generation. Looking at his filmography and you will see a variety of different kinds of projects. From big-budget fare like the 1976 remake of King Kong to providing a vocal performance to the cult animated film The Last Unicorn, Bridges is impossible to pigeonhole and has kept up that level of versatility throughout his entire body of work.

Bridges even returned to the cybernetic fantasy world of TRON back in 2010. The sequel, TRON: Legacy, was meant to kickoff another revitalization of the property was not the hit it needed to be. However, Bridges’s dual performance as the villainous Clu and the zen-like Kevin Flynn were some of the best elements of that movie.

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But TRON and its blockbuster sequel are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to looking back at Bridges’s incredible body of work. Many fans will always see him as The Dude, the laidback and lovable loser from the beloved cult film The Big Lebowski. That role has become nearly synonymous with Bridges himself, as evidenced in his reference to the character in his tweet about his diagnosis.

If TRON and The Big Lebowski are the only films that you equate with Jeff Bridges, there are so many excellent movies out there you should check out. If you are looking for another 1980s sci-fi film, you should absolutely check out the movie Starman, directed by legendary genre director John Carpenter. Want a good thriller? Try Arlington Road, a tense nail-biter co-starring The Shawshank Redemption star Tim Robbins. Want proof that Jeff Bridges is one of the best actors ever? You must see his performance as Rooster Cogburn in True Grit. Controversial opinion: Bridges does better than John Wayne who originated the role.

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It is extremely depressing – especially in an exceptionally depressing year like 2020 – to hear that the TRON actor is going to be dealing with this terrible ailment. Jeff Bridges has always been a source of warmth, strength, joy, and unparalleled talent in his many film roles. Hopefully, the treatment he will be undergoing can be successful and we can expect to write a follow-up story about how he has beaten this disease.

Whether it’s one of the TRON films or any movie that features Jeff Bridges in a prominent role, take this unfortunate news as an opportunity to revisit some of his best films. More importantly, watch a Jeff Bridges movie you have never seen before. Celebrate his career by gifting yourself with a brand new Jeff Bridges role.