The Big Whobowski Trailer Mashes Up The Doctor And The Dude

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

We’ve seen a lot of memorable mash-ups here at GFR, whether its in the form of artwork or short films or what-have-you. But every once in a while we’ll run across a combination of two things we never in a million years would have thought to stitch together. Like, just for instance, The Big Lebowski and Doctor Who. Check out this shot-for-shot remake of the movie’s trailer, this time dubbed “The Big Whobowski.”

Why mash up The Big Lebowski and Doctor Who? If you have to ask the question, you wouldn’t understand anyway. After all, it does make a perverse sort of sense. The Doctor and The Dude both do the whole one-name thing. They’re both frequently wandering into the middle of crazy events beyond their control. Sure, the Dude doesn’t have a TARDIS, but he does have a really excellent rug.

The idea to combine the two would be worth a chuckle in and of itself, but what really sells this video are the little details. Like picking the Tom Baker incarnation of The Doctor, whose trademark scarf is a very Dude-like garment, and blends perfectly with The Dude’s sweater. The psychic paper as his only form of I.D. The fact that this whole mess started because somebody mistook him for a different regeneration of himself. And of course the casting of various Who characters in Lebowski roles (I always suspected the Cybermen were nihilists).

Just remember: Sometimes you eat the vashta nerada, and sometimes, well, sometimes the vashta nerada eats you.

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