See Sydney Sweeney Busting Out Of A Sexy Black Dress

Check out the latest post from Sydney Sweeney which has her in a stunning black dress that almost shows all.

By David Harrison | Published

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney has had a pretty huge year all things considered. She’s taken turns in award-nominated shows and has snagged some significant recognition for her parts in those series. When it comes to the actual awards, well we’ll have to see about that. In the meantime, she’s content taking bigger roles, bringing her talents to the big and small screen both over the years. But she’s also crushing it on social media where the stunning actress knows where her specific bread is buttered in that respect. She took to Instagram, once again, to share some fashion choices, this one is of the actress nearly busting out of a black dress that has fans in a tizzy. It’s easy to see why. For many who come to Sweeney’s social media page, this is just the kind of content they are looking for. And she more than delivered. Check out what Sydney Sweeney posted on Instagram. 

One thing that Sydney Sweeney has been active with on social media is promoting different fashion brands. This post was along those lines with the actress giving a shoutout to Mugler who helped her get ready for her latest outing. This was what she wore to the Hollywood Critics Association Awards where she was Best Supporting Actress in a Broadcast Network or Cable Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Movie for her work in HBO’s White Lotus. She didn’t win, losing to her castmate Jennifer Coolidge.

Sweeney was also up for Best Supporting Actress in a Broadcast Network or Cable Series, Drama though didn’t win that either with Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn taking home the top prize. No matter, for fans here on Instagram the results of the awards show, namely what Sydney Sweeney wore for the occasion is the only thing that really mattered.

And man did this Sydney Sweeney post ever take off on Instagram. At the time of this writing, the post was only about an hour old. In that time it has racked up more than 665K likes with fans going nuts for the outfit and the actress both. For Sweeney, this is somewhat par for the course and the actress has built one of the largest social media accounts out there with 14 million followers on Instagram specifically. Other recent posts have her showing off similarly intriguing styles and brands with a shot over New York City, a look at a couple of fashion shoots, and much more. There’s a reason fans flock to this feed day after day.

Plus, on the acting side, things are going more than well for Sydney Sweeney who isn’t going to stop at just the Hollywood Critics Awards, no sir. She’s also up for a couple of Emmy Awards which will happen this year. She’s up for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Euphoria and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for White Lotus. She is returning to the former for a third season, but the latter is just a one-off for the actress.