See Sydney Sweeney Dancing On A Bed In Her Pajamas

Syndey Sweeney offered up a video of a new brand partnership having some fun with the actress, as she dances away in her pajamas while on set.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

Sydney Sweeney

When Sydney Sweeney isn’t making heads turn with her incredible acting performances in shows such as HBO’s stunning teen drama Euphoria, she can often be seen endorsing brands in a fun and frivolous photo shoot. One such campaign sees the 24-year-old actress partnered with skincare brand Laneige, becoming their first US-based partner. To celebrate the collaboration, Sweeney shared some behind-the-scenes material on Instagram of her latest shoot with the skincare brand, the BTS footage includes shots of Sweeney having a blast on set wearing the coolest pajamas and dancing around a plushly decorated bedroom facade decked out in every shade of pink imaginable, you can see the post shared below:

Laneige is a Korean-based skincare brand that is best known for producing lip-sleeping masks alongside a myriad of other skincare products. Sydney Sweeney partnered with the outfit back in April and told Harpers Bazaar that she was a huge fan of the brand; stating, “I started using the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, and I became obsessed.” An obsession with skincare products and a make-up routine draws up obvious comparisons with Sydney’s character in Euphoria, Cassie, who spends several hours on her routine. “I wish I had enough time to do a routine like that,” Sweeney told Bazaar.

Busy is probably an understatement when it comes to Sydney Sweeney, when she isn’t dancing around in her pajamas in fun campaigns for brand partner Laneige, the actress is collaborating with one of her other brand partners. Seventeen writes that alongside Laniege, Sweeney has partnerships with eBay (showcasing her self-restored 1969 Ford Bronco at the eBay motors auto parts show in NY), Miu Miu (an Italian high fashion and accessory brand that is part of the Prada Group), and Tory Burch, a luxury New York Fashion brand that has an ethos of empowering women. They notably achieve this through the Tory Burch Foundation, which, after being founded in 2009 focuses on advancing female entrepreneurship through capital, education, and digital resources.

Sydney Sweeney clearly has a diverse portfolio of brand partners stretching from auto through fashion (the latter being astute given the connections to the fashion-laden Euphoria) and with Tory Burch, selected a partner with a strong initiative to promote female empowerment. The strength and diversity of her brand portfolio are mirrored in her acting CV. Along with her roles as Cassie in Euphoria and Olivia in The White Lotus, both of which have earnt the young star Emmy nominations, Sweeney has rolled line up in Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web, Tony Tost’s (writer/producer of Longmire) directional debut National Anthem and limited series The Players Table. The latter two projects both star singer Halsey and The Players Table is being produced by Sweeney’s very own company, Fifty Fifty Films. Add her role as Reality Winner in an upcoming feature about the American intelligence agent who blew the whistle on Russian interference in the 2016 US election and you have quite the stacked slate of upcoming projects. With all these brand partnerships, upcoming film and television projects, and her very own production company, it is amazing that Sydney Sweeney can even find the time to share BTS footage on Instagram to her 14 million followers.