See Morena Baccarin As The Sexy New James Bond

By Douglas Helm | 1 month ago

Morena Baccarin

After Daniel Craig ended his tenure as James Bond with No Time to Die, everyone is wondering who will be cast as the new 007. Well, consider our vote cast for Morena Baccarin after she posted this stylish and sexy “James Bond moment” on Instagram. Check out her Instagram post to see the look:

Obviously, Morena Baccarin was just coming up with a caption to match the post, but that doesn’t make the casting any less fitting. There have been a ton of names thrown around for the James Bond role. Many are also hoping that a female or a POC is cast in the role. If they do go the female Bond route, Baccarin’s femme fatale looks and action movie chops certainly fit the bill. Honestly, it’s a little surprising that Baccarin hasn’t already appeared in the Bond series at some point as another agent or a Bond girl. 

While Morena Baccarin might not actually be playing James Bond, she’ll be starring alongside a former 007 in her next upcoming movie. Fast Charlie, which is set to release in the spring of 2023, stars Baccarin and Pierce Brosnan. The movie tells the story of Charlie Swift, a mob mercenary who seeks vengeance on a rival crew when his boss is killed. The movie also stars James Caan, Toby Huss, Sharon Gless, and more. Philip Noyce directs with a screenplay by Lee Goldberg and Richard Wenk. The screenplay is adapted from the Victor Gischler novel GUN MONKEYS.

Of course, the most mysterious movie on Morena Baccarin’s upcoming schedule is Deadpool 3. While Baccarin apparently hasn’t even heard any news about the upcoming movie, it’s assumed that she’ll be reprising her role as Wade Wilson’s paramour Vanessa. If Baccarin does indeed return, she’ll officially be entering the MCU. After 20th Century Fox was acquired by Disney, they also acquired the rights to superheroes like the X-Men and Deadpool. This acquisition could be contributing heavily to the delay of news. Since previous Deadpool movies have featured X-Men characters, it’s likely the MCU will want to introduce the X-Man through different channels before featuring X-Men characters in Deadpool 3. This means Deadpool 3 will officially be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and likely the MCU’s first R-rated movie. While there is no release date and very little news on Deadpool 3, it is confirmed that Ryan Reynolds will once again be returning as the Merc with a Mouth. It’s assumed that Zazie Beetz will return as Domino and Josh Brolin will return as Cable (insert wall-breaking joke of him looking suspiciously like Thanos). It’s believed that the X-Force will make an appearance in the film. Shawn Levy is on to direct with a script by Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux. 

Fortunately, we have Morena Baccarin’s Instagram and her other upcoming projects to look forward to while we wait on Deadpool 3 news. In addition to Fast Charlie, Baccarin has several other projects in the works, so we should get plenty more of the actress’s performances in the near future. Still holding out for that female Bond role though.