Megan Fox Trends For Appearing On A Magazine Cover Without Pants

By Michileen Martin | 11 seconds ago

megan fox

If there’s a word that describes Megan Fox lately, it sure isn’t “shy.” To the delight of her admirers, Fox has been more than happy with wearing not all that much both online and at celebrity events. That habit doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Fox and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly are on the cover of the newest British edition of GQ, and Twitter has a lot to say about it.

There are three different covers and all of them are steamy. One is a close-up of Megan Fox and her boyfriend about to lock lips and another has the pair facing each other — each with a finger shushing the other’s lips. Finally the cover that has twitter losing it features Fox — minus any pants or anything else visibly covering the lower part of her body — straddling a seat in front of her boyfriend. She’s also pointing a gun at MGK’s crotch. You can see the cover below.

The twitter reactions to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s photo shoot run the gamut. There are those who, understandably, want to do nothing but appreciate the image presented to them and to share it with others.

Predictably, there are a lot of fans who have nothing but a glowing opinion of Megan Fox, with another feeling entirely about her boyfriend. Plenty of fans seem to think he’s riding her coattails, and others think he’s dragging her down. At least one admirer is just flat-out shocked by what they read in the article accompanying the provocative photos.

At least one user is using the opportunity to create one of the things the Internet was created for: memes. Taking the pants-less Megan Fox cover photo, @FoolNetwork replaced Machine Gun Kelly with a different guy entirely. Considering a lot of the reactions to the photo shoot, it seems likely a healthy chunk of people would consider it an improvement.

The GQ article paints the picture of a pair of untamed, wildly passionate artists madly in love. The story opens with Megan Fox and MGK giving each other matching tattoos reading “the darkest fairytale.” Among other things, Fox shares a story many of the twitter users reference — Fox tells MGK he smells like weed, MGK says he is weed, and then Fox says her boyfriend disappears “like a ninja in a smoke bomb.” It’s the story of the first time they supposedly met, at a GQ party in LA. They would later reconnect on the set of the crime thriller Midnight in the Switchgrass.

It seems likely if MGK had the ability to ninja his way out danger, he would’ve used it at the VMAs when trouble started between him and MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Megan Fox attended the awards in a stunning see-through dress, and meanwhile MGK was allegedly attacked by McGregor when he refused to give him a signed autograph.

Since MGK and Megan Fox luckily both survived their encounter with McGregor, you can bet this won’t be the last we see Fox challenging and exciting us with her fashion choices. Between the photos she releases on Instagram coupled with suggestions of what happened on airbnb tables, and the outfit she supposedly wears when food shopping at the market, there’s every reason to believe we’ll be seeing more and more of Megan Fox in the days to come.