Megan Fox Shared Racy Photos With An Even More Suggestive Caption

By Faith McKay | 5 seconds ago

megan fox

Megan Fox is making a career comeback. A few months ago, she shared in an interview that she’d always known that she would take a brief break from her career and make a major comeback in her 30s. The actress has a heavy interest in astrology, which gave her this guidance for her life and career. She’s come back strong with a few movie releases, interviews, and a heavy push on social media. Last week, she shared a photo of what she likes to wear while grocery shopping in Los Angeles. It isn’t what most might wear in the midwest, that’s for sure. The iconic outfit gained her a lot of attention on the platform, and now she’s following that up with a look inside her airbnb experiences.

Below is Megan Fox’s recent Instagram post where she is wearing a bra, jean jacket, and tight skirt. The flirty caption shares that the table at her airbnb “saw some things” with a hot face emoji.

The top-voted comment on Megan Fox’s post is from Bailey Sarian, an online influencer who wrote, “Eating a whole pizza by yourself, while crying listening to Celine dion? Same gurl, same…”. The many other comments tend to focus in on that caption, some of them simply saying “The caption!”. Often, captions on social media, particularly on Instagram, are ignored. Megan Fox is proving that she’s a pro at the game of social media, managing to grab attention with a photo where she shows a lot of skin and then getting the conversation rolling with clever captions.

Previously, Megan Fox has opened up about feeling objectified by Hollywood and the media. She’s shared some of her experience on what that has done to her psychologically and how she had to deal with it. It seems that now she is using her social media to take control of the image that’s out there. She’s also doing a lot to gain the attention of her fans and the industry. Currently, she’s at 13.5 million followers on her Instagram, and her engagement numbers on her posts continue to trend higher and higher.

In early July, Megan Fox did an interview with The Washington Post. The headline announced that the actress’s renaissance is here. During that interview, the actress shared some of her career goals moving forward. She brought up that she’d love to join a major franchise soon, citing Marvel and DC as some her top choices. She says that she grew up as a comic book fan and would love to be part of that in the future.

megan fox

Megan Fox also talked about revisiting one of her past works that didn’t get much love from audiences at release but has picked up a cult following in the decade since. Jennifer’s Body was marketed to audiences in ways that made no sense to the people who worked on the film. Today, it’s been recognized by audiences as a leader in feminist horror. The actress has suggested that a series is something she’d be interested in seeing happen in the future if she can get others involved.

While there’s no guessing what Megan Fox is going to do next exactly, it’s clear that she’s here and pushing forward full steam ahead, with more movie roles and social media posts her fans won’t be able to ignore.