See Marisa Tomei Showing Off Her Legs And Dancing On A Table

By Britta DeVore | 3 months ago

marisa tomei the wrestler

Hoping to spread the love and make everyone feel themselves as much as she does, Marisa Tomei took to Instagram to announce yet another giveaway of a jumpsuit rocked by her character, Aunt May, in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Standing atop a table and shaking what her mama gave her, the actress sports a beige dress-jumpsuit combo. Waving the skirt section of her suit, Tomei looks to be living her best life as she shows off her killer legs. The caption of her post announces that the new look, which fans will recognize from the latest installment of the Spider-Man franchise, will be available for two lucky fans to own via a raffle. Want to enter? Check out Tomei’s post below to get the specifics. 

Back on January 3rd, Marisa Tomei announced her first giveaway for fans of the web slinging film. Known for her extreme sense of fashion, Aunt May’s wardrobe has been one of the best parts of the Tom Holland led series. The first look featured another classic beige jumpsuit in which Tomei ordered to be crafted based on the garment she donned in the feature. The post also revealed some of May’s outfit concept photos that fans will recognize from No Way Home

A legend even bigger than Spider-Man himself, Tomei has been a fixture in Hollywood since her breakthrough role on the 1987 TV series, A Different World. However, Marisa Tomei’s career really shot into the stratosphere after her starring role in the 1992 comedy, My Cousin Vinny. Holding her own alongside the likes of Joe Pesci and Ralph Macchio, her role in the film would nab the then up-and-coming performer an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Taking on film and television roles throughout the rest of the 90s, Tomei’s talents appeared in titles including Seinfeld and The Simpsons with leading roles in films such as Untamed Heart, Only You, and Chaplin

Heading into the 2000s, the actress’s film prospects continued to roll in. After appearing in comedy classic, What Women Want, she was cast in In the Bedroom, a Todd Field film which swept the awards circuit. Marisa Tomei’s performance earned her another Academy Award nomination as well as her first Golden Globe nomination. The early aughts proved to be a prosperous time for Tomei as she found a larger fan following in films including Anger Management and met even more critical acclaim in The Wrestler. For her performance in the latter, the actress gained her third Academy Award nomination, second Golden Globe nom, and her first BAFTA nomination. 

Starring in several films over the last decade, Marvel fans everywhere rejoiced when Marisa Tomei took on the role of Spider-Man’s Aunt May beginning with Captain America: Civil War. Since then, she’s played the web-shooter’s aunt in four more MCU films. Tomei has done an excellent job giving depth to the kind hearted character with a sarcastic edge and a deep love for her nephew. Though we are now mourning the loss of our favorite on screen aunt, winning one of her iconic jumpsuits is a terrific way to tend to our wounds.