Euphoria Actor Crushes Fan Hopes For Season 3

By Christopher Isaac | Published

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If you are a Euphoria fan you have likely been waiting eagerly to hear any scrap of news for when the show is going to be coming back. It has been over two years since the last episode aired and there has still been no announcement of when the next season is coming. That is pretty unusual, especially for a highly popular HBO show. But fans might finally have an update about the series, albeit not one that anybody wanted: the series might simply not be coming back, according to an anonymous actor on the show.

Mystery Euphoria Star Casts Doubt On Season 3 Ever Happening

It is unclear which actor this was, as they requested to remain anonymous while giving details of their experience to The Daily Beast. However, they voiced enormous skepticism that Euphoria will be returning. “Since January of 2022, we have had a start date of March that turned into June, that turned into January,” said the anonymous source. “And then they kept pushing every month from then on. It was two full years of HBO telling all the actors we were going back soon, so we couldn’t take some jobs.”

Missed Opportunities

euphoria chloe cherry

Clearly, there is some resentment there, with this actor insinuating they missed out on both income and building their career through new projects due to the delays surrounding Euphoria. Obviously, the actor does not want their identity known out of concern that sharing their frustration could lead to them winding up on the bad side of Euphoria’s creators. While fans have been impatient for more episodes, it has to be doubly aggravating for an actor who derives their paycheck from the show to be sitting around idle, unable to take on new work.

HBO Doubles Down On Season 3 Promise

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For HBO’s part, they are denying that Euphoria is no longer a priority. Earlier in the week a spokesperson for the network made a statement affirming that the series is still moving forward with season three. “HBO and Sam Levinson remain committed to making an exceptional third season,” they said. “In the interim, we are allowing our in-demand cast to pursue other opportunities.” They added that scripts for the third season are still being worked on at the moment.

Euphoria Is A Massive Hit For HBO

The anonymous actor partially refuted that statement, saying it was only as of last week that the actors could take on new work now that the show is on indefinite hiatus. However, even that was little cause for celebration for this individual, as they feel waiting this long is squandering the momentum that Euphoria had. To be clear, despite Euphoria only coming out in 2019, it is already HBO’s fourth most-watched show of all time, only beaten by Game of Thrones, The Last of Us, and House of the Dragon.

The Anonymous Actor Says Season 3 Will Fall Apart

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HBO is now saying they hope to have a third season of Euphoria ready by 2025, but the anonymous actor thinks that the show will simply slowly fall apart. That is a danger of delaying such a high-profile show, especially when it features in-demand actors in so many of the prominent roles, like Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi.

If progress does not pick up on Euphoria soon, it could be in a position where the contracts of the actors could expire and they would either be able to renegotiate at a higher price, or even decline to continue with the show.

The anonymous actor did make it clear that they are not wishing failure upon Euphoria and their frustration is only because they do want to continue working on the show. “Because I’m an actor I will always be excited about any acting work so yes I am looking forward to returning,” they said. “I just don’t think it will happen.”

Source: The Daily Beast