See Kate Beckinsale Busting Out Of A Sexy Black Corset For New Year’s Eve

Kate Beckinsale looks incredible at this NYE celebration.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is as known for her very forward fashion sense as she is for her vampiric action roles, and it seems that New Year’s Eve brings out the both in her. In a picture set posted to her very popular Instagram account (currently at 5.5 million followers), the Underworld star celebrated the end of 2022 wearing a tight, glossy black corset and an elaborate hat and veil. Kate Beckinsale is never shy about a wild outfit, so why stop at the end of the year?

The first picture in the carousel sees Kate Beckinsale in a close-up, looking photogenically surprised at something off-camera. She is wearing long dangling diamond earrings and the kind of fancy British hat known as a “fascinator,” which perches jauntily atop the head and is designed more as a conversation piece than actual headgear. In this case, a gloss black recurved panel is held in place by what seems to be the fletching of two arrows and a piece of black lace.

The second picture in the set shows off more of Kate Beckinsale’s outfit in a wider shot. It reveals the corset’s ribbed arms and the belt around her midriff, as well as the black stockings she is wearing. Also, she is sitting at a booth table that is positively covered in empty cocktail glasses and bottles, because it is New Year’s Eve, after all.

The third image in the set switches things up by not picturing Kate Beckinsale at all. Instead, we get a famous haiku from Irish poet Seamus Heaney titled I.I.87. The text involves the end of a year (naturally), cold weather (metaphorically, probably), and an inheritance. At the very least, it indicates that Kate Beckinsale has good taste in poetry.

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is also pretty great at social media, alternating between pictures of herself in gorgeous and/or bizarre outfits, pictures of her pets also dressed in pretty wild outfits, and wild animals just kind of flocking to her. For example, you can see her doing yoga with her cats, like in this recent post, or wearing a mermaid costume in this one. Kate Beckinsale seems to live a colorful life, which is the main gist here.

Most recently, Kate Beckinsale starred in Prisoner’s Daughter, a drama in which she plays a woman reunited with her estranged, ex-convict father (Succession’s Brian Cox). Beckinsale and Cox showed up at a recent film festival to show off their friendship, which also seems pretty delightful and colorful.

Kate Beckinsale will soon be starring in a thriller film titled Canary Black, in which she plays an intelligence operative working against time after she is compromised by her kidnapped husband. In addition to her fine dramatic work in dramas like The Last Days of Disco and The Only Living Boy in New York (plus her voice work in The Elder Scrolls), Beckinsale is a bonafide action star, so we have some pretty high hopes for this one.