See Kate Beckinsale Lying On A Beach In A Full Mermaid Costume

Kate Beckinsale is playing in the ocean waves and a mermaid tail.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Kate Beckinsale knows how to live the good life like few other celebrities do. While some, like Captain Marvel star Brie Larson, spend their Hawaiian vacation time experiencing some kind of science fiction self-care, and Elizabeth Hurley spends it modeling her own line of designer swimsuits, Kate Beckinsale knows to get a little bit silly. In this case, the actress spends her tropical vacation time wearing a big neon mermaid costume on the beach with her best friend. 

This is not the first time that we have pointed out Kate Beckinsale’s predilection for donning the traditional image of a mermaid, as long as said cryptozoological sea creature has a hyper-neon color scheme. However, this new photo set added to Kate Beckinsale’s very popular Instagram account is quite the expansion of the actress’s love for the look; the first picture shows her and close friend/frequent traveling companion Gabs Morpeth reclining on a sandy beach, showing off the full scale of their fish tails. The rest of the photos continue the vacation journey of Kate Beckinsale, Morpeth and Beckinsale and Michael Sheen’s daughter Lily Sheen. 

kate beckinsale

In the second photo, we see Kate Beckinsale now wearing a strapless gold bikini top and holding a damp umbrella (presumably to ward off the frequent daytime rain showers one finds in the tropics), while Gabs Morpeth throws up a peace sign behind her and Lily Sheen hides in the background behind a thick white towel and black sunglasses. Lily Sheen recently starred with Nicolas Cage in the acclaimed The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, portraying the fictional daughter of a fictional version of the actor (it’s a bit of an odd movie). While the picture does not see Lily Sheen at her most camera-eager, the very next is a gorgeous underwater shot of the actress snorkeling in deep blue-green water.

Finally, by the fourth slide, we get a return to Kate Beckinsale and Gabs Morpeth as mermaids, frolicking in the shallows in a short looped video. From there, it appears that Kate Beckinsale’s motherly instincts take over and she goes hard on the Lily Sheen pictures, first returning to the underwater photography and then showing her daughter obscuring her face with a small, festive-looking porcelain pig. A couple of scenery pictures later, we get what we come here for and find a medium-distance shot of Kate Beckinsale herself laying in a model-ready pose in front of a long, gorgeous pool, wearing that gold bikini and tall white platform shoes.

Kate Beckinsale is one of our favorite people here for her fun and breezy social media presence, which tends to be a mix of glamour shots and goofy pictures of her adorable pets. However, she is still a working and successful actress, as seen by her recent appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote her new movie with Brian Cox, Prisoner’s Daughter. Additionally, Kate Beckinsale will soon be starring in a spy thriller titled Canary Black, which is currently in pre-production.