See Kate Beckinsale In A Gorgeous Gown Lying All Over A Famous Actor

Kate Beckinsale is draping herself over actor Brian Cox at TIFF.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Kate Beckinsale posted an image on social media showing herself in an absolutely spectacular dress, draping herself over acclaimed Scottish actor Brian Cox on a long divan. As she notes in the caption, Brian Cox is one of the mightiest actors in the world and it is a great pleasure to see one of the most beautiful stars in Hollywood hanging out with one of the most cantankerous. It is also good to see that when Brian Cox is not making questionable analogies about World War II organizations and the HBO network, he can also chill out a little bit.

Kate Beckinsale herself has a mighty social media presence, with her Instagram account alone currently boasting over five million followers. A lot of the time, the English actress uses it to show off some pretty amazing looks (she has a real fondness for latex, it seems) as well as her Snow White-like ability to charm the beasts of the wild. This time around, Kate Beckinsale popped up on Instagram to display both her amazing TIFF outfit and her friendship with the star of Succession (which is understandable). 

kate beckinsale

In the outfit that Kate Beckinsale wore to the Toronto International Film Festival, the highlight is an immaculate dusty pink satin dress from Bach Mai. The gown is strapless (which makes sense, as you do not want to distract from the star’s toned shoulders if you can help it), and in lieu of sleeves, she is wearing arm-length black latex gloves from Jane Doe Latex. The outfit is an incredible combination of fashion signifiers of innocence (the pink dress) and wickedness (c’mon, latex, you get it) and, as one could expect, Kate Beckinsale completely pulls it off. 

In addition to the Bach Mai gown and Jane Doe Latex gloves, Kate Beckinsale is rocking a pair of black Jimmy Choo high heels and elongated, dramatic earrings by Bulgari. While the designers of Brian Cox’s outfit are not tagged in the post, it is also well worth noting that the X-Men villain is wearing a pretty striking dark blue plaid suit, along with a midnight blue shirt, a spotted blue tie, and lightly tinted, black-framed glasses. Sadly, it appears that the design of Brian Cox’s suit is not the official pattern created for his sixtieth birthday, which is registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans. 

Brian Cox and Kate Beckinsale were present at the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of Prisoner’s Daughter, the drama in which they co-star as a recently released ex-convict and his estranged, struggling daughter. The film is directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke (of Thirteen and Twilight fame) and was written by Mark Bacci. Prisoner’s Daughter is described as an intense, engrossing drama about familial bonds and mortality, and we ourselves are excited to see it.

If it turned Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox into fast friends, so much the better. What’s more, if it inspired fun posts like this, it is well worth it.