Kate Beckinsale Dresses Up In A Tiara And Fishnets To Read With Her Grumpy Cat

By Britta DeVore | 4 months ago

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale took to Instagram to share her idea of a purrfect Saturday night. The actress and model donned a tiara, frilly white dress, fishnets, and laced up boots to spend the night in, reading with her cat who was also dressed to the nines in a matching white dress and tiara. In a three-photo series, viewers watched as the model laid across her bed, stomach down, reading a book and showering her furry friend with love. 

The second picture in the series shows Kate Beckinsale standing on her all white bed while striking a pose and looking down at her beloved feline. To round it all out, the model’s cat entered the photoshoot to take front and center. Although the cat was decked out in a fairytale outfit, it didn’t seem to care for its impromptu time in front of the camera. Serving a glare and overall crabby look, the cat stares forward at the camera ready to break out of its costumed confines. 

Following several roles in television and film while living in her native England, Kate Beckinsale broke into the United States entertainment world first landing roles in smaller films including The Last Days of Disco and Brokedown Palace. Things really took off for the actress when she landed one of the leading roles in 2001’s World War II centered drama, Pearl Harbor, opposite Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett. Next, she went onto star opposite John Cusak in the rom-com, Serendipity, followed by another romantic comedy, Tiptoes, where she shared the screen and love story with Matthew McConaughey. 

To chase her experience in dramas and comedies, Kate Beckinsale moved onto the action and drama film, The Aviator, as well as the comedy feature, Click. The adventure world began to open its arms to the actress after her starring role in the Underworld franchise, a part that would lead her to nab spots in films including Van Helsing and Total Recall. Because of her success in countless blockbuster films, Beckinsale has been able to pick and choose roles in smaller, indie films including Snow Angels and 2016’s Love & Friendship, the latter of which landed her a Critics Choice Movie Award nomination. 

Most recently, Kate Beckinsale has been seen in Parmount+’s 2021 comedy drama, Guilty Party. Along with serving as an executive producer for the series, Beckinsale also appeared in the leading role. In the show, Beckinsale’s character, a journalist named Beth Burgess, attempts to bring credit back to her name after she’s been dragged through the mud. Soon, the writer finds herself wrapped up in a mystery centered around a woman who vehemently contests the accusation that she killed her husband. 

Getting crazy on a Saturday night looks different for everyone, but Kate Beckinsale’s fun idea takes the cake. Plus, following the nonstop career the model has had, who could blame her for staying in on the weekend and curling up with a great book and her best friend by her side? The post was a wonderful peek into the celebrity’s life and we are looking forward to seeing more of Kate Beckinsale’s silly adventures with her favorite companion.