Kate Beckinsale Hospital Scare Has Fans Deeply Worried, New Post Adds To Disturbing Mystery

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Actress and model Kate Beckinsale is continuing to frighten fans, posting yet another cryptic image to her social media from a hospital bed. The performer, known for her work in the Underworld franchise, shared a fresh peek into her life with a little Easter celebration post. But there’s a darker side to the shot of cozy rabbit socks nodding to the holiday, as the photo was obviously taken in a hospital bed.

Cryptic Instagram Posts

This is the latest shot to come from Kate Beckinsale’s mysterious stay in a hospital where it appears she’s been over the last month. At 50 years old, Beckinsale has seemingly remained in good shape, continuing to model and work, as well as keep up a strong presence on social media, making the mystery all the deeper.

Not Revealing The Issue

kate beckinsale

Though she hasn’t revealed what’s keeping her locked up under the watchful eye of doctors and nurses, she’s shared pictures of her in hospital garb, tied up to machines in bed, and even one look that we’re sure is bending the rules as she can be seen snuggled up to her cat.

Over a month into a seemingly continuous hospital stay, while Kate Beckinsale hasn’t been completely forthcoming with the reason she’s under medical care, she has been quick to voice her thanks for the support of loved ones.

Plenty of Speculation?

She wrote her mother, Judy Loe, a Mother’s Day post during her stint and went on to share cryptic messages of thanks to the people who “send balloons and check in and pull us out of wells with love.”

With these words alone, it isn’t completely clear what Beckinsale is pointing to, but with the tragedy recently facing the two women, there’s plenty to speculate.

Recent Appearances

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale’s hospital stay comes shortly after the passing of her step-father, Roy Battersby, who passed away following a stroke in January of this year.

In the days leading up to this devastating loss, Beckinsale could frequently be spotted at Battersby’s bedside, even going so far as to rush to the hospital still in her dress from the Golden Globe Awards.

At the ceremony, she, along with Don Cheadle, presented Killers of the Flower Moon star Lily Gladstone with the award for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Motion Picture Drama, with Beckinsale skipping the afterparties and hurrying to the side of her step-father immediately following the event. 

Recent Passing

kate beckinsale

Rolling into the hospital with her entourage, an Instagram post revealed that Kate Beckinsale hadn’t changed out of her gown before arriving at Battersby’s side with a burger in hand.

Just a few days later, her world would be crushed as her beloved step-father passed away on January 10.

With his death in mind, the actress’s stint in the hospital must be a particularly tough pill to swallow for both her and her mother, with both women still fresh into the grieving process for Battersby.

Upcoming Work


As for what work she has coming up next, last year saw Kate Beckinsale’s return to the big screen in Charlie Day’s (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) directorial debut, Fool’s Paradise.

She’ll soon follow that performance up with the 2025 animated feature The Bad Guys 2 and Pierre Morel’s spy flick, Canary Black, the latter of which has yet to set a release window.

Source: Metro