Vampires Run A Nursery In Upcoming Dark Fantasy Anime

By Nina Phillips | Published

Summer 2024 offers quite a few impressive anime and returns on favorites. However, none are quite as interesting and unique as Delico’s Nursery, a story focused on vampires and children in this dark fantasy anime.

Delico’s Nursery is a spin-off of TRUMP, a gothic stage play created by Kenichi Suemitsu (Welcome to the Ballroom). The play started in 2009, with several short stories and concerts since then. The story was then turned into a manga in 2020.

Vampires Have Become Mortal

Delico’s Nursery is a story about vampires. Once, long ago, vampires ruled the land and could live forever. Over time, their immortality has been lost, and humans and vampires live alongside each other as mortals.

However, there are rumors that somewhere in the world, one true vampire still exists with the power of immortality.

An Important Mission

Delico’s Nursery will focus on Dali Delico (Masakazu Morita), a vampire given a mission by the highest governing body for vampires. Despite the group’s importance, he refuses. Gerhard Fra (Katsuyuki Konishi), Dino Classico (Takuya Satou), and Henrique Lorca (Hiro Shimono), all members of the council, try to persuade Dali by visiting him in person.

When they meet Dali, he is handling several children. Together, the four work on performing the jobs and duties assigned to them and raising their children.

In addition to the four adult vampires in Delico’s Nursery, there are six children in the show. Uru Delico (Rina Hidaka), Raphael Delico (Konomi Kohara), Angelico Fra (Ayasa Ito), Lucia Lorca (Yu Wakui), Yelena Lorca (Sanae Fuku), and Theodore Classico (Chika Anzai).

A Painterly Art Style

Information about the opening and ending theme songs for Delico’s Nursery was also mentioned during the latest announcement. The opening is performed by Mika Nakashima and is titled “Unfair.” Anonymouz is making the ending theme song, titled “Prayer.”

J.C. Staff (Bakuman.) will be in charge of Delico’s Nursery. Hiroshi Nishikiori (Trinity Seven) is the director, while the original creator of TRUMP will write the scripts. The anime features a fairly interesting art style, based on the trailers released so far.

Delayed But Coming Soon

Originally, Delico’s Nursery was set to release in July 2024. Unfortunately, the release was delayed until August 7, 2024. While no specific reasons for the delay were announced, it could be to give J.C. Staff room to breathe.

They have quite a few anime anime releasing in 2024, about 14, which makes for a pretty tight and fast-paced setting. In addition, Delico’s Nursery looks to have a demanding art style, which might take them longer to create than other styles.

Arriving In August

However, the staff isn’t just leaving those eagerly waiting at Delico’s Nursery to ruminate for that extra month. Instead, starting on July 10th, there will be four special anime programs.

The first three will highlight and discuss the original stage play in more detail. Meanwhile, the fourth will be a discussion with the cast from the anime.

Despite the delay, it will still be considered a Summer 2024 anime, with a later release date than many other summer anime. Delico’s Nursery will air on Crunchyroll on August 7 with subs, though there is no information yet on when the dubs will be released for those who prefer watching anime in English