See Kat McNamara Lying In The Surf With Waves Hitting Her

Kat McNamara looks amazing in this beach video.

By Zack Zagranis | Published

katherine mcnamara

Bathing Beauty Kat McNamara made a splash on Instagram with a picture and video showing the star at the beach. The 27-year-old actress posed first on some rocks overlooking the ocean and then on the sand just a few feet away from the lapping waves. The post is most likely from a photoshoot judging by the photographer prominently displayed in both the pic and the short video.

The picture of Kat McNamara on the rocks features the photographer in the foreground and Kat in the background giving the illusion that a giant is shooting Kat. While it’s hard to make out too many details about the Walker: Independence star’s outfit, given how far away she is, McNamara appears to be wearing a flowing pink dress. Kat has one hand behind her head and one perfectly toned leg sticking out of her dress.

For the video, Kat appears even smaller, but at least the formerly gigantic photographer is now in proportion with McNamara. The blonde Missouri native is lying seductively in the wet sand, wearing a long-sleeve black shirt and a pair of skimpy black bikini bottoms. Kat captioned the post, “Life’s a beach.”

The beach pic and video are just the latest in a string of sexy posts the Shadowhunters star regularly puts on her Instagram. Some of her more recent thirst traps have been a collection of Star Wars Day photos for May the fourth and a picture of herself wearing nine-different wigs with the caption, “Choose your fighter.” A quick perusal of her Instagram proves that Kat McNamara is incapable of taking a bad picture.

Green Arrow and the Canaries

When Kat McNamara isn’t frolicking on the beach with oversized photographers, she’s busy acting in such promising projects as the upcoming Fools Paradise. Paradise is the directorial debut of It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia‘s Charlie Day and stars veritable who’s who of Hollywood mainstays, including Jason Sudeikis, Ray Liotta, John Malkovich, and Edie Falco. Kat plays a character named Terry in the film that releases this Friday.

Along with Fools Paradise, Kat McNamara has several other upcoming projects in the pipeline. One of the actress’s next movies, Jade, is currently in post-production according to IMDb. Despite sounding like a remake of the 1995 David Caruso thriller, Jade is about a woman that must use a unique set of skills to retrieve a hard drive being sought out by both a powerful businessman and a gang leader. The movie stars McNamara and Mickey Rourke and is the first movie for television director James Bamford.

Meanwhile, fans are still hoping for a Walker: Independence season 2. The series stars Kat McNamara as Abby Walker, a woman on a quest for revenge after her husband is killed in front of her. The show has yet to be officially renewed for a second season, but showrunner Seamus Kevin Fahey is optimistic that the suits at the CW will do the right thing and give the Kat McNamara Western another chance.

Until then, fans looking for a Kat fix can always count on McNamara to post steamy pics like the ones above to her Instagram.