See Kat McNamara As A Star Wars Jedi, She’s Perfect

Kat McNamara cosplayed as a Jedi for Star Wars Day, and she looks fantastic.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

Plenty of people were celebrating Star Wars Day yesterday, including Kat McNamara, who took to Instagram to share some pictures of her and her friends celebrating. She even included a cosplay shot where she’s wielding a green lightsaber, and it certainly makes the case that someone should cast McNamara as a Jedi in the near future. Take a look at the post below:

If Kat McNamara was to play a Jedi in future Star Wars shows and movies, perhaps she could take on the fan-favorite role of Mara Jade from the non-canonical Legends Universe. While they would have to make some fairly big changes to the character’s backstory, it wouldn’t be the first time that a Legends character made the jump to canon, as evidenced by Grand Admiral Thrawn making his appearance in both Star Wars: Rebels and the upcoming Ahsoka series.

There is plenty of great stories and characters to still be reaped from that universe, so there’s no reason that they couldn’t bring Mara Jade over at some point.

Kat McNamara would also be a great fit as a Jedi in the upcoming Daisy Ridley-led film that will see Rey bringing back the Jedi Order 15 years after the events of Rise of Skywalker. Or, maybe McNamara could play one of the first Jedi ever in the James Mangold-directed film that will explore the origins of the Force. Basically, there are a lot of ways that LucasFilm and Disney could get McNamara involved in the Star Wars universe, and plenty of fans would probably get on board with the idea.

Even if we don’t see Kat McNamara as a Jedi anytime soon, she does have some intriguing projects coming out that fans can check out. The first of which is the long-awaited directorial debut from Charlie Day, which Day also stars in. The film is called Fool’s Paradise and follows a man recently released from a mental health facility who becomes a massive celebrity due to his appearance being similar to a reclusive method actor who never leaves his trailer.

kat mcnamara

Along with Kat McNamara and Charlie Day, Fool’s Paradise has a great cast list that includes Kate Beckinsale, Ken Jeong, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, John Malkovich, Adrien Brody, Travis Fimmel, Jimmi Simpson, Glenn Howerton, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Dean Norris, Edie Falco, Alanna Ubach, Lance Barber, and the late Ray Liotta. Fool’s Paradise will be hitting screens next weekend on May 12. Hopefully, we should also get a release date for McNamara’s other upcoming film Jade too.

Jade is directed and written by James Bamford and follows a woman who must protect an important hard drive and the pregnant mother of her brother’s unborn child from a gang leader and a powerful businessman. The film stars Shaina West in the titular role, with Mickey Rourke, Steven Michael Quezada, Mark Dacascos, Chris Bruno, Sean McNabb, Marcus Aurelio, Derick Pritchard, Mathew Yanagiya, and Keith Jardine also starring. We’ll keep you updated on the release date for this, along with any other upcoming projects from Kat McNamara.

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