Jensen Ackles Just Signed A Huge Amazon Deal, Saving His CW Series?

Jensen Ackles signed a first-look deal with Amazon.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

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Noted Supernatural and The Boys mega-star Jensen Ackles has signed a huge first-look television deal with Amazon, according to a recent write-up in Variety. The deal, which Ackles signed alongside his wife, fellow thespian Danneel Ackles, and their duel production company Chaos Machine, covers both acting and production credits with the streamer. This news comes after previous reports had confirmed a first-look deal had been reached with Warner Bros Television, though sources have indicated Ackles and Warner have dissolved their partnership on good terms.

Danneel and Jensen Ackles first formed the production company Chaos Machine back in 2020, with recent production credits behind the hit Supernatural prequel The Winchesters on The CW. Jensen Ackles famously led Supernatural for 15 seasons as Dean Winchester, forming one-half of the monster-hunting and crime-fighting duo with Jared Padalecki, who played his brother Sam Winchester. After closing the final chapter of the CW series, Ackles signed on to play Soldier Boy in the third season of Amazon’s hit superhero drama The Boys.

In The Boys, Soldier Boy serves as an integral late edition to the ensemble cast, which includes Karl Urban, Antony Starr, Jack Quaid, and a number of Hollywood A-listers. The Jensen Ackles-portrayed character serves as equal parts Captain America parody and spiritual predecessor to Antony Starr’s Homelander, even referring to himself as the character’s father. Throughout the narrative of the show’s third season, the aged soldier acts as a foil to a number of main characters in the show, with his shifting morality representing the moral gray area that many of The Boys’ exhibit.

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Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boys

Jensen Ackles’ performances often come packed with subtle moral flexibility, allowing for his characters to leap off the screen. With his new Amazon deal in place, this could soon mean a whole slate of well-realized series and films.

This first-look deal continues Jensen Ackles’ lucrative relationship with the streamer, giving the studio exclusive rights to the actor’s next big series, which is said to be in active development. Though Jensen and Danneel have exited their Warner Bros Television partnership for the new term, Variety has reported that former productions already in development by the Chaos Machine team at the network are still active, as the continued projects do not pose a conflict with the latest Amazon deal. This is likely a result of the Warner Bros deal being a production-only contract as opposed to the Amazon deal, which covers both production and acting credits for the Ackles couple.

In addition to producing The Winchesters, Jensen Ackles also lends his voice to the program as a narrator, providing bumper context to the prequel as it details the events of Sam and Dean’s parents in the early days of their courtship. Ackles also recently joined the ABC series Big Sky for its third season as Sheriff Beau Arlen, making the last few years incredibly prolific for the 45-year-old star. By signing this new deal with Amazon, it all but ensures fans and audiences will be seeing a lot more of the actor in the very near future.