Soap Opera Star Jay Pickett Died While Shooting His Latest Movie

By Doug Norrie | 27 seconds ago

jay pickett

Soap opera fans were dealt some sad news over the weekend when it was reported that Jay Pickett passed away tragically. He was on set, shooting his next movie when he suffered a heart attack and could not be revived. Deadline is reporting that the movie, Treasure Valley, was shooting in Idaho at the time of the incident. Pickett was 60 years old at the time of his passing. It is in an incredibly sad turn of events.

Jay Pickett was most well known for his time appearing on screen in multiple soap operas over the years. He first entered the scene in the early 1990s when a couple of small film roles landed him a spot in Days of Our Lives. This lasted a couple of seasons on the show which has been running for decades now. He played Chip Lakin, a doctor on the show. 

After Days of Our Lives, Pickett went on to the soap opera Port Charles. The show is a spin-off series of the incredibly popular soap opera General Hospital. Port Charles featured a number of different characters from General Hospital who reprised their roles on the new show. Pickett wasn’t one of those, instead playing Doctor Frank Scanlon. He lasted six years on the show, becoming a popular character within the numerous side stories soap operas are known for. 

jay pickett

With Days of Our Lives and Port Charles under his belt, Jay Pickett went on to get a role in the aforementioned General Hospital. He didn’t bring over his Scanlon role, but rather in true soap opera fashion substituted for another actor in a pre-existing part. Only soap operas have the runway to just feature different people playing the same role and have audiences be okay with it. He stood in for Ted King as Lorenzo Alcazar the brother of the deceased Luis Alcazar. Two brothers, two different actors, you see what soap operas do to people?

Jay Pickett leaves behind a wife and three children, two daughters, and a son. Travis Mills, a friend, and co-producer on Treasure Valley posted a Facebook message paying tribute to Pickett and the time they had worked together. It speaks to how well-liked and respected Jay Pickett was not only in the industry but among his close companions as well. 

Though no longer in the soap opera game, and after having left Days of Our Lives well behind, Jay Pickett was still working consistently. He had written and was producing Treasure Valley and planned to star in the movie as well. He appeared in a number of TV movies in the last few years including A Woman Deceived, Anniversary Nightmare, and Inspired to Kill. Plus there are some credits that are currently in post-production include Catch the Bullet, Shooting Star, and Heart of the Gun. 

There is no word on what will happen with Treasure Valley with the tragic passing of Jay Pickett. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends with this terrible news.