See Elizabeth Hurley Look Stunning In Small White Bikini

By Faith McKay | 6 days ago

elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley has many talents. She’s an actress, a businesswoman, and a model. These days, instead of selling someone else’s swimwear, she’s promoting her own. Elizabeth Hurley Beach is her own line of swimwear, with accessories and robes, but most notably, bikinis. She has just gotten in her favorite chain bikinis for her store, and she’s showing them off to her 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

See Elizabeth Hurley’s latest white bikini below.

The Elizabeth Hurley design also comes in other colors. She’s a fan of the plain fabrics, but there are also cheetah prints with the same chain link design on the hips and across the chest.

Elizabeth Hurley is 56 years old and she is not slowing down. As many people in the northern hemisphere are buying large jackets and bundling up for the coming snow, she’s on a beach posing in bikinis. That may make it look like she’s resting, but the list of projects she currently has in the works makes it hard to believe that she has much time for lounging in the waves.

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth Hurley aired the final episode of her true-crime podcast. Taking advantage of her Hollywood connections, she actually hosted a James Bond-themed podcast called The Great James Bond Car Robbery. The episodes explored the theft of the Aston Martin DB5, the car that actually had machine guns and ejector seats. It was seen in Sean Connery’s 007 movie Goldfinger. As part of the podcast, Hurley spoke with the people who designed the Aston Martin DB5, detectives, and others involved with the case.

She’s also still making movies. In the 1990s, Elizabeth Hurley was known for films like Austin Powers, Bedazzled, and Passenger 57. Over the past five years, she was a regular on a couple of television series, including Runaways and The Royals. These days, she’s signed on for a couple of movies, including two upcoming Christmas projects: Father Christmas Is Back and Christmas in the Caribbean. This second one is the project she is currently filming, which may have been fortuitous as she needed a good backdrop for her new bikini photos.

While working on podcasts, movies, and her own swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley is also still modeling. When she isn’t showing up in magazines, she promotes brands like Fendi on her social media accounts. She has then used her associations with these companies to advocate for breast cancer awareness and research. The Estée Lauder Companies are currently her biggest supporters in these efforts.

Most celebrities use their social media accounts to show small glimpses of their personal lives. This is a way to build their connections with fans. Dwayne Johnson does this by posting video updates from the gym. Henry Cavill made headlines when he shared his experience building a gaming computer. Before social media was a thing, the media reported on a lot of details in Elizabeth Hurley’s personal life. It began when she started dating Hugh Grant in 1987. It seemed to get worse in the early 2000s when she had her first child. Today, at 56 years old, she isn’t using social media to share much about her family or what she does in her spare time. Instead, she shares photos more relevant to her career and the causes she cares about.